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10 Eye opening shows and documentaries that you might enjoy watching this weekend

If you are looking for something to watch that will leave you stunned, shocked, disturbed and thinking about stuffs in a new light you have come to a right place, all the shows I enjoy have some level of being disturbing somehow so, here are 10 shows and documentaries that you might like;

I am gonna have to put my love for Michaela Coel’s artistry aside and judge this show unbiased, let me try.

I feel like no other show has captured the sexual assault trauma as this one has, and as a survivor I felt so many things watching this show on every episode. I felt some kind of healing watching this show, it was so relatable and liberating and I felt less alone about what I went through when I was dealing with the trauma. I recommend this show as it tackled sexual assault (to both men and women), sex and trauma in a way that makes you feel those heavy emotions and lighter ones at the same time.

In this comedy show Daniel talks about relationships, the loss of his sister and how his family dealt with it but mostly about the jigsaw concept. What stuck out to me was of course the jigsaw concept that his dad used when he was explaining relationships to him when he was young and how Daniel used that concept to deconstruct what most of us believe and think relationships should be like. To date the comedy special is credited for breaking 90,000+ relationships and 157+ marriages. The show will make you think twice about love.

This documentary was disturbing on so many levels. I am gonna leave you to judge what you will feel about it after you watch it because that’s what I felt creators left me to do for myself. But it was about Chinese relations with Africa, identity crisis in the boys who were living and being educated in the Chinese orphanages in Africa, how they were used as props for donations and had so many issues including mistreatment of these children (beatings and verbal abuse) shown. I highly recommend every African to watch it to be honest.

For those who are interested in learning more about the food industry, these two documentaries will open your eyes in that department. Most of the filmmakers of these two documentaries are vegan, so that may also be a motive for making these documentaries but that doesn’t mean what they were addressing in the documentaries are not valid. I felt like Seaspiracy especially tried to address so many issues that many people should know whether you will decide to change your dietary choices or not.

  • Black Mirror

This show makes you think about technology in a different light, it’s very disturbing and kinda real with the way our technology is advancing which makes this show scary.

Poverty Inc answers the question, ‘Why there are so many organizations that want to bring development but so many countries are still poor? This is a documentary that shows the real picture and games of the international development and NGO industry.

This series is dramatizes the historical nuclear accident in Chernobyl that happened in 1986. I highly recommend it to people who love history and learning lessons from the past since when we don’t learn we usually tend to repeat the mistakes no matter how deadly they were.

Have you ever wondered how people end up in cults? Well this documentary takes you through the journey to see that people who join cults are just normal people like me and you, you also get to see the inner struggle that people have when they join cults and the strength it takes to leave. The vow was made from true life experiences of the people who took part in it and the NXIVM cult leader is currently in jail.

  • Thappad

Thappad is an India movie that shows one woman’s experience in a marriage that she was unappreciated and there’s also domestic violence that she went through. I felt like it exposed the nuances of marriage and relationships and how bottled up emotions can sometimes make a relationship get to a point where it is unredemable.

This documentary follows a feminist who goes on a journey to hear and understand men’s right movement. It is an eye opening one since we rarely get to hear men’s perspective on things. Cassie is no longer a feminist but I believe the journey that she went through in this documentary raises question about how we see and treat each other and also gets us to learn more about the feminist and men’s right movements.

And those are the shows and documentaries that I think maybe eye opening and you might enjoy binging this weekend. Which one will you watch first?


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