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2 books that will finally make you delete your social media accounts if you were thinking about it

Social media is a very powerful tool, a very powerful medium, but at the end of last year I found myself wondering if I should still have a Twitter and an Instagram account. The feelings, thoughts and questions intensified after watching The Social Dilemma. If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, I highly recommend you do.

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There are also books that are as bold as The Social Dilemma that will destroy your relationship with social media and finally make you delete your accounts. Here are two books that did so to me;

  • Jaron Lanier – Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now

Just like the title suggests, this is a book that will give you ten points that show the negative consequences of social media in our lives including how social media is destroying your capacity for empathy, it’s effect in politics and etc

  • Cal Newport – Digital Minimalism

I loved Cal Newport’s book because it was more of showing the reader how they can use social media in a minimalistic way, how to quite it’s noise and enjoy the world. So this book compared to the first one doesn’t rush you in the process of deleting your accounts but it shows you the benefits of a quite, focused life that you will be tempted to delete your accounts to get the same feeling and experience. Even if it’s just for 30 days

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I think it’s good to read books that talk about negative consequences of social media as well as the positive consequences. It’s good to be fully informed, the pros and cons in order to make a sound, healthy judgement for your own life. That is why I loved reading these books as well and in turn made a decision for myself when it comes to these tools.

What are some books about the negative consequences of social media that you have read?


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