Pray BIG prayers

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Ephesians 3:20,” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”.
So it is been long since i wrote anything, i mean since i let God used me to speak anything in this blog. I was doing my final university exams, and i haven’t had time to write or do anything for the past month or so. I have missed it here, and here i am sharing what i have got from that season of my life.
Pray, i believe we all do that, but the question that i have for you today is do you pray BIG prayers? Do you pray the prayers that you think are impossible, that you think are unattainable, that you think won’t come to life? Those BIG prayers as if proclaiming through those prayers that our God is BIG, as if trying to match our level of not understanding how God is, how HE works to the prayers we pray to HIM,because they are so big that you don’t even understand how they will come to pass.

Here is how i had my lesson in praying BIG, i remember i was getting ready for an exam that i was really scared of, you see am really good at subjects that include me explaining or writing an essay (maybe that’s why i am a writer???) but not good at exams that require me to calculate (oh no please no). So the one exam that i was getting ready to do, the teacher usually gives like two questions of explanation and five questions of calculations.I mean i can do the two perfectly what about the five??????? So i was worried like the whole week to that exam and the fact that the teacher gave us tutorials that has like 100 questions that he picks the five questions from and on top of that i haven’t solved any got me more confused. So i was on my hostel bed praying, “like God, if You really here me, please show the questions, i just need just three questions and that’s all”, and while praying i heard the Holy Spirit asking me,” what if you get to know all the questions in the exam? “. And i replied ;”no, no just three are enough’. Because deep inside i didn’t believe that the Lord is able to show me even the whole exam. So i settled for what i think God is able to do, not believing that He can do more. And i was watching a sermon by Steven Furtick, and he was preaching from 2 Kings 13, about a king and Elisha, where the king hit the ground thrice instead of seven and that was his victory, and i heard the Holy Spirit again telling me what if you get to know the whole exam, and in fact the teacher will repeat the last year’s final paper,just solve all the questions. But as usual me the unbelieving daughter i replied that is the risk i am not willing to take, if it happens he repeats the exam i will be happy, but what if he doesn’t.?

So i hope you get this straight, i didn’t believe He was able, of course i know i am but to a certain level, but also i could not trust His leadership or take that risk.

So i studied and solved the past paper not really efficient just to get to the exam hall and see the last year’s exam, i almost cried, i mean for the first time in my life i could have gotten all the calculation questions 100% right, me,me, me, oh God, and i missed that opportunity, because i didn’t pray BIG prayers, i didn’t believe He can answer those BIG prayers, and i didn’t trust His lead.

Sometimes we are afraid to push for more like the man who hit the ground thrice, sometimes we are scared and the fear becomes too big than the power of God in our hearts to the extent we can’t follow His lead because we think He can’t or doesn’t understand what we are facing or going through, or sometimes we don’;t believe He really is powerful. O dear, He knows,He sees, and He is exactly where you are to help, save and lead you. Hebrew 4:15

And when the case is believing that He is able and can do big,may be at the end of the day, we can pray like the man who told Jesus, “I believe, help my unbelief”. Matthew 9:23-25
Every Blessings,