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The writer of this article, is my best friend and my brother in Christ. His name is Innocent Nambuo, a very humble fellow in Christ. Be blessed with this powerful message today,May the Lord speak to you today with this blog post,Amen.

God created each and every one of us with a specific and unique purpose to fulfill in this world. He has laid down different paths for us, each designed specifically and well detailed to bring out the best in us. My path is different from yours and vice versa. Mine may lead to the valley of the shadow of death; yours may lead to the valley of the scent of flowers but all with one thing in common, to bring out the best in us.

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From Genesis chapter 37 to 50, we read the story of Joseph. God intended for him to become the Prime Minister of Egypt and save the house of Jacob from famine and hunger. A prime minister is above all a leader, which makes leadership skills “the must have” skill. God had to obviously put Joseph on path that would enhance his leadership skills and make him a better and worthy leader of the most powerful nation in the world at a time. He was his father’s favorite and I believe he was a spoiled child who did nothing other than being used by his father to spy on his brothers and send him reports about them. Something had to change, in came the dreams. Dreams about his future but also the same dreams that made his brothers hate him even more to the point of selling him to the Ishmaelite slave traders thus putting an end to the days of being spoiled.
In Egypt, he was sold to Potiphar who put him in charge over all the affairs of his house and because God’s favor was upon Joseph, Potiphar prospered. Potiphar was a very powerful man and a high ranked official in Egypt who was without a doubt a rich man. Joseph had his first real leadership training being in charge over the affairs of Potiphar’s house. Definitely a good place to cultivate the skills he would need as prime minister later one, right? Of course it was, he was brushed with rich and splendor anywhere just like at his father’s house despite being just a slave. But that was not enough, God wanted more from him and he had to leave Potiphar’s house for more training. In came Potiphar’s wife. Joseph was handsome and that did come in handy and made his master’s wife lust for him. Upon his refusal to grant her wishes, he was accused of attempted rape and thrown in prison. A perfect way to end his training at Potiphar’s house, isn’t it?
In prisons, you find men and women who do not follow rules and hardly the hardest people to lead. Joseph had to master that, and he did despite being at that time a slave and a prisoner. Having passed all the training, he was rewarded with being a prime minister in a foreign land with nothing other than slavery and prison life in his CV. His paths truly led him to the most uncomfortable times, situation and experiences. 13 years of hardships which resulted into 80 years in glory? Not bad after all.
My point is God will do whatever He deems worthy to bring out the best in you even if it means putting you through pain, shame or the fire.
All we can do is trust in His guidance knowing that He knows best for as Romans 8:28 says, “We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. These are the people God chose, because that was his plan” (ERV).
This leads to my second and final point, focus on your own path and stop looking or wishing someone else path, whether it is easier or harder than yours. An eye is trained to see and hear likewise an ear is trained to hear and navigate it senses around sounds and not lights. This will lead to no complaints and whining and more trust in God in our lives. Trust in God regarding the path He is taking you because there is no any option to chose from.
Innocent Nambuo


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