24 Things I’ve learned in 24 years : My birthday blog post.

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Oh! I am 24 today.. Woow, life has been so amazing, i have learned a lot, and i have grown a lot as well. I am grateful that i get to experience this new age, happy birthday to Me. 

Every year on my birthday, i take a moment of silence to remember a secondary school friend of mine who died when she was 18, we were about to go to high school when she died, and because she died so young, she opened my eyes to see that life is a gift, that celebrating another year of being alive, exploring and growing is a gift, a privilege, i should not take for granted.
And so here i am taking a moment of silence, and embarking on a journey of being a 24 year old lady with gratitude, excitement and expectations.

 23  was hard, emotionally, it was so hard. But it was also a year that i grew up a lot emotionally, am still growing though.

And it was so hard academically as well, i think i shared my university story a lot, how hard university was, and so, 23 was hard, challenging and amazing at the same time. I graduated, traveled, lost people, found my people, loved, lost love, ate, danced, faced heartbreaks, pain, confusion, joy and surprise.

If that isn’t life in general, i don’t know what life is.. And so here is a post of all the lessons i learned when i was 23..

  1. No situation/ problem is permanent in life- It’s gonna work out in the end of the day, no matter what you are going through.Everything else in the world change, only God doesn’t. If you want happiness focus on Him alone and the relationship you have with Him, like for example i slept yesterday with 38 Twitter followers, woke up with 35. I know it’s irrelevant, but still things change!
  2. It is true that God knows the beginning and the end. And i know this is in the Bible, i should’ve known this already, but it took me experience to understand. Like He knows your life after ten years, example when i was being sexually abused, little did i know that ten years later God would take me to a missionary organization that has a safe home for the girls who have been sexually abused. And if that isn’t knowing the beginning and the end, i don’t know what is. (As Priscilla Shirer said- “Everything in my life is either God arranged or God allowed”). And so i have learnt to leave it all in His hands because He knows it all.
  3. This right now, this right here is life. Like it doesn’t start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you are already living it. So you can either sleepwalk through it or be present for every moment.
  4. You need community, no man is an island, you need people to be by your side, to celebrate, cry and help you. And that there is no better time to know your tribe than when you are going through a rough time. However people leave and some stay forever, like maybe they can be there for you for just that hard season. When God is taking someone out of your life, weep, it can be hard to let go, but please try to do exactly that, let go.
  5. If you want change and growth you have to be intentional. Like have a strategy, face the pain/difficulty, fight for them You just can’t say am changing, it’s not magic, it is work.
  6. The more that i see, is the more that i know. But also the more that i see, is the more that i know, that i don’t know anything at all. This is why you can’t stop learning, as long as we are living, we are learning everyday.
  7. Show yourself grace, kindness and love. There is a lot of negativity in the world against you, the last thing Eunice needs is more negativity from herself.
  8. Not one answer is an answer to every problem. Being a blogger has given me a platform to express my opinions in many issues. And people listen to them, love them and follow them. However i haven’t lived everyone’s life experience and so i don’t know everything, and because we have the Holy Spirit, like Peter, the Holy Spirit will teach us how to answer in different situations. Maybe an answer can be different, in a different situation. I don’t have all the answers, only God does.
  9. You are going to live with the consequences of your actions. So i got a final GPA that is good, really good. But i just wish i could’ve worked hard enough to earn that 0.1 that would change my GPA class completely and for better! whew, there i said it.. And from that i learned that you just live with the consequences of your actions, only you.
  10. Don’t play with someone’s heart, guard your heart. Heartbreak is painful.
  11. Be grateful. I don’t know why i wish i could’ve earned the 0.1, while even graduating is more that what i deserved. So whenever i start to feel like maybe i could’ve worked harder, i remind myself to remember that even to graduate is a gift.Being grateful makes us more happier, and see God as more loving than a God who holds back from us.
  12. Be true to yourself- To thy own self, be true.Tell yourself the truth, ask yourself hard questions.
  13. Celebrate yourself- Not celebrating yourself, or how far you have come, or just not receiving kind praise from people doesn’t make you humble. I don’t know what that makes you, but just celebrate you. Celebrate life.
  14. Live fearless
  15. Don’t be afraid to go to the unknown- Where you have never been before. Always push yourself to even do something that you have never done before. I personally don’t love people who always say “that’s not how i do things”. Always be excited to experience new things, big or small.
  16. What’s meant for you, is for you no matter what. Don’t stress over things, events tend to occur at their own pace, just wait for them to do so naturally.
  17. Visit your relatives, know them, people die just like that. It is a bad feeling when your relative dies, and then it hits you that you didn’t know them at all.
  18. Weep for what you thought should have been. Weep for it and then move on ( I think i saw this from John Piper, but it took experience to understand this).
  19. I need emotional healing.
  20. Suffer well- It is the hard days, that makes you appreciate the good days.
  21. I need Jesus every second, without Him, i am capable of so much hatred, that i never knew i was capable of.
  22. Listen- that’s how you learn, listen- that’s how you relearn ,listen- that’s how you unlearn. Listen – people are going through some tough things.
  23. And let go of your stereotypes about people, experience the friendship when you are free of stereotypes.
  24. Never say Never- Like that Justin Beiber song. Life has a way of proving us wrong, surprising us, and so never say never.

Am so excited for the lessons i will learn in this new age, 24. Have you learned anything recently? do you want to write a blog post about it? or share in the comments? Welcome.



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