I am scared

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– Of making mistakes in life, like maybe am just one stupid decision away from messing my entire life or the next season.

-Of the consequences of my writings like what if I lead people astray. What if I fail to live what I teach? What about my judgement?

James 3:1 – “Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.

-Of this platform, the fact that I can have an influence in people’s lives and the fact that they can see me as an example or a person whose advice they can listen to.

-Of putting what I do for God, first. and putting Jesus, not so far that I can reach Him when I remember or need something from Him.

-Of changing my focus and the reason why i started, to the extent that i am waking up in the morning and wondering how can I gain more followers or what should I write and say before spending time with the Lord, who I say I am doing His work.

-Of wanting so much to please my readers with my content.

-Of loosing it, to the extent i am worrying about who unsubscribed and why I still have 70 followers on my Instagram

-Of being drained by the rat race,envy and comparison. Hustling for success that the hustle takes my happiness and love for the journey.

-Of changing, like completely change negatively to the extent that I don’t even remember who I am anymore. And the people who love me, leave me.

-Of going to hell, like what if I just die a sinner and go to hell.

-Of being in a bad company, like the friends that I find take me to a wrong path.

-Of loosing my mom

-Of being too vulnerable, to the extent that you know me so much even when I never wanted you to know about me.

-Of being too successful, I think I don’t need God anymore. Or I forget where I come from.

-Of using people, sometimes I feel like that’s what we all do. Act interested enough to make you believe that we are, but all we want is for you to subscribe and buy things.

-Of not speaking the truth of the gospel, because I need your money, or because I need you to subscribe

-of fame and how it messes up your mind and changes you

-Of not becoming prideful to the extent that I am not teachable. And also not getting my message from God from the messengers I have decided not to be associated with.. Example, prophets for now.

-Of questioning everything, and unbelief

-Of deciding to do what sells, for now motivation speech does. And so stop evangelizing all together and go that side.

-Of hurting others unintentionally.

-Of the future.

However, my fear reminds me that I constantly need God, I need Him every second, minute and hour. And that I can never do it on my own strength. And that I need prayers, please pray for me.



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