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5 apps that i use everyday | Best android apps

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I am officially the aunt who is ‘not so much fun to hangout with’ – As told by my neighbor’s kids who dropped by at our place last Sunday and were looking for games on my phone.

Do you remember the apps that i shared with you last year?? Well, they found two of those apps, YouVersion Bible App and Voice of Martyrs, and they were not interested.

So my phone is officially unfriendly to kids (which is a good thing, every adult wants the freedom that I have, except maybe parents because they use phones to bond with their kids nowadays ,ouch!!????), and so am gonna share with you the apps that have helped me to achieve that freedom (as if its a goal).

So apart from Shazam, i use all of the apps that Joseyphina uses. Go check out her post, so that i don’t have to mention them again (and hence focus on other apps), with that being said please download YouVersion Bible app, it is so useful and i believe its the app that helps Christians to grow as well.

So here are the five apps I use frequently/ the best for my android phone.

Gratitude Journal

I use this app to journal about things I am grateful about in a day. And so I have set reminders to remind me thrice a day to write. Some days I write before am reminded, but some days even if I am reminded, I have to think hard and find what I am grateful for in that day to write on this app. I feel like it is helpful in that, it keeps my mind in right perspective, even if I am going through a hard time by taking time to think of what I am grateful for in that day, I take my mind away from my problems for sometime.

Google Keep

I am an observer, and I also love to brainstorm. And I also tend to forget sometimes, and so I use Google Keep, as a calendar sometimes and as a reminder… I write my notes, blog post ideas, YouTube videos ideas, poems, thoughts, grocery list and even my book Little Legacies, was first drafted on this app. I wrote my poems and thoughts there, cause the app was closer to me than my laptop.

Lithium Epub Reader

I love reading, and most of my books are in Epub format, and in comes Lithium. The best! I love marking my books while am reading them, and this app let me do just that! And plus it adds books to the library automatically.

VSCO app

This is a camera app, but its more than that. You also get to share your photos with people who also use this app. It has a lot of editing features and you know those Instagram pages that have a certain theme?? Chances are they are using this app.. Google it (Instagram theme), its a thing.

And last but not least…

Money Manager : Expense Tracker and Free Budgeting app

This app, keeps me accountable.. Helps me to save money, and also plan my budget every month. At the end of every month there is a chart, and you can see how much you spend on what, and how much you earned in that month. I have set an alarm, and this app reminds me every evening to write my expenses or income in that day. Currently I record everything, and so far, I ‘waste’ a lot of my money on phone credit (need to do better in this area).

And here are the apps that makes my phone interesting to me. I would love to know yours, please share with me in the comment below.



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