It’s time to let go of these African cultures and traditions

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I am a firm believer of growth. And I honestly love change, it’s uncomfortable but really essential.

To change, I believe, you gotta look in both ways.. In and then out, or out and then in. There are somethings in African culture that we need to look out and change them, but there are somethings that are already imprinted in us, that we need to look in, to change them.

Now, everyone should watch this video, as it talks about some traditions that we should let go of.

Watched it?? Great, here are some more;

1) Going all out for visitors

Some have plates than they never use, some kill chicken and all that. I mean its good to treat visitors well, the Bible says so as well, but I think it should come from loving yourself as well. If you keep things only for visitors and you never use them, it kinda feels like a showoff.

2) Parents validating their parental skills through children’s success

Most parents have a well thought out plan for what their kids should be or turn out to be, and so they count if they are good parents or even show off based on that. Let your kids figure out for themselves please!

3) Early marriages

Let people marry when they can/want/ ready to

4) Abandoning people with disabilities

Please don’t. Or killing them, its inhuman.

5) Killing people with albinism and discrimination against people living with disabilities

People with albinism, are like us, they only lack melanin. And so for someone to believe if you kill them you can gain something in life, is straight up a lie from hell.

Also people living with a disability, are fully human, they have feelings and abilities. Please let’s not discriminate them, it is inhuman. Let’s believe in them for they have something to contribute in this world, just like we do.

6) Sexism and polygamy

In African culture a woman is seen as a property that has no value or importance and something to look down on. Uncles and fathers pass down this information to the younger generation and so generation after generation this never changes.

7) Forced marriages and Female Genital Mutilation

If you want to build your long lasting friendship with a friend or don’t know how to take care of your child, don’t force/sell her into marriage.

Also FGM, I think I am gonna talk more about this, but honestly why do we still believe that harming women is helping them? Let’s not endanger girls’ lives and their futures.

8) Taking newborn babies belly buttons for rituals

Stop that witchcraft.

9) Killing old women with red eyes cause you think are witches and fearing witchcraft.. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, you are safe.

To Africans, even a headache can be related to witchcraft and so we live in constant fear. This is why witchcraft is a topic that is always talked about in some church, almost a church niche.

10) Gender roles (house chores) + kitchen parties

Okey, I deleted this many times but let me talk about this and find my peace. Listen, or read???…

My friend shared a story of her sister with me. Her sister went through a caesarian section to give birth to a child, a week after birth, her husband was just still depending on her sick wife for everything.

I hate gender roles, I just do. I am yet to learn more but I think they really limit us, and hold us back a lot. I believe marriage is a team thing, we do together thing, it is a family, we build together.

And kitchen parties.. Uuummm, why does that exist again??

Okay, am done for today.. What are some of the African traditions and cultures that needs to stop?? Please share with me in a comment.



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