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23 weird things about me

As weird as this is, it’s a trend in a blogging world. And i am giving it a shot. Since its my birthday (actually this is done on birthdays) i will share with you 23 (exactly my new age) things about me.

Note to Self : Dear Me

  1. I am the only child, and yes it was until i got to university that i realized that the world doesn’t revolve around me ( weird right????).
  2. I really love cats, i mean i run towards them when i see them,but i can’t carry them cause i feel like they are so fragile.
  3. I can eat french fries everyday. French fries and pilau are my favorite food.
  4. I was sexually abused when i was in secondary school, learnt to forgive and live like not a victim when i was in university. Oprah, Christine Caine and Joyce Meyer’s stories encouraged me so much.
  5. I love tissues and toilet papers, they make me feel hygienically clean and safe.
  6. Most days i have a smile on my face, and trust me my smile can light up people’s worlds on the way ( i hope we meet in those days).
  7. I am crazy about sunrise and sunsets. They are the most beautiful paintings to me.
  8. I am always down for adventure, i can’t wake up early for anything else, but when it comes to adventure i can even stay awake till the next day for it.
  9. I love my mom, so so much. I used to say she is my weakness.
  10. I love to collect foreign currencies but when i am running low on cash i exchange them.
  11. Before i actually got the opportunity to go out of the country, i went to Malawi border and walked for like three minutes at the border area, and i used to lie to people that i have been to one country while i have only been to the border. But seriously though, i still count being at the border as being in the country, i don’t know why???
  12. I can’t wear high heels to date. Tried but it’s so much pain for fashion. Sandals and sneakers are my go to.
  13. I really love cardigans and kimonos, i have more cardigans than what normal people should have.
  14. I talk and read so fast, one time i was told to read something at church, i got feedback nobody understood anything i read, but hey, at least we got out of church on time right?
  15. When i was growing up i wanted to be a chef so that i can cook on TV like the ones who i see in cooking shows, since then i wanted to be a boxer like Mary Kom ( after seeing the movie), Wonder Woman ( after seeing the movie), and many other things ( after seeing a movie or any documentary).
  16. I am left-handed.
  17. I feel more alive when i go on adventure ( not hiking), in another country or city maybe. If the tourist attraction needs hiking to be reached, i can sacrifice it or force myself lol i will have stories to tell later.
  18. I weep at movies, books, news, commercials, anything that gets slightly emotional. And my room mates always laugh at me for it, they tell me to grow up every time.
  19. I never had a real nickname / aka. People just shorten my name, like Eunie, or Nice.
  20. When i am stressed out, sad, down or tired i sleep, i will have more energy when i wake up and more strength to make any decision.
  21. In reality i am an encourager, so i always encourage people in their problems while i skip on mine for sometime, even if we are on the same boat that is sinking, i will encourage you as if i don’t see the boat sinking.
  22. I always love telling strangers/people my age, my friends discourage me so much when it comes to that, but i just love it. I don’t like that there is shame around being a certain age and not being something that people on that age are supposed to be or achieve.
  23. I actually have one signed copy of a book that the author signed for me, and i hope to have more signed copies.

So those are 23 interesting, weird things about me, i thought it will be fun to share with you all.



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