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Recently I went through a huge shift in the way I see the world and the way I live my life. In 2020 I was quite depressed, indoors a lot even though we are not on lockdown in my country, spent most of my time tackling and learning about a lot of huge issues personally and in the world and I was so alone.

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It was near the end of that year that I decided I didn’t want to live 2021 the same way, so I made it my mission to change my life, I said in 2021, I’m gonna seek joy, fun and more enjoyment in my life and so that’s why I started exercising and some other relaxing, fun things that I do for me.

Now I know, trust me I know that exercising is far from what people consider as a fun thing to do, but allow me to try to change your mind with these three points that are just a testimony of how exercising makes me feel and how beneficial it has been to me.

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Here are 3 the benefits of exercising that are not weight loss:

  • Mood and energy elevation

Exercising at least the type that I do where I am not focusing on changing my body because I hate it but exercising because I want to live an active lifestyle, helps to elevate your mood, energy, gives you joy and makes you feel more positive.

I recommend doing an exercise that works for you, or that you love to feel what I mean here instead of doing an exercise that you hate. I love dance workouts and there are so many YouTube videos with creators dancing to different songs, so it’s a fun way for me, a music lover, to dance and move my body and muscles at the same time.

  • Improved confidence, balance and strength

When you feel more positive, you feel more confident. Exercising is a great way to push yourself and see your strength and how capable your body is of doing different things. Exercising makes you more flexible, it is an act of self love to wake up in the morning (or whatever time you work out) and show up for you muscles.

  • It’s a good way to rest in nature

I’m currently reading a book by Johann Hari called Lost Connections : Uncovering the real causes of depression – and the unexpected solutions, and it is mind-blowing. One of the causes that is mentioned is disconnection from the natural world, nature, and how that causes depression. Exercising, especially jogging in nature in the morning or evening can be a good way to reconnect with nature, a good way to rest and reduce your chances of depression caused by the disconnection from the natural world. You get to see flowers, birds and the sun wake up or go to sleep, tell me something more beautiful than that, I will wait…

What are some other benefits of exercising that you see that aren’t weight loss?


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4 thoughts on “3 Benefits of exercising that aren’t weight loss

  1. Bolaji Gelax

    You’ve just tempted me, girl. I’ve been procrastinating exercising for ever. May God help me!

    1. Eunice Tossy

      amen.. glad i did, it is fun, hopefully you can get at it!!

  2. justynlove

    Emotional health. Helps me deal with stress

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Oh i love that and i couldn’t agree more dear. Thank you for reading

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