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5 Things to do when you find out that the world is not what you thought it was

In life there are two you(s); the you that see the world when you don’t question anything, and the you that sees the world after finding answers to some of your questions. I don’t know if there are answers to everything, but I think if one digs a little, it is easy to learn that the loans that African countries get aren’t really useful to the people or helping the country’s economy or your family that you thought was perfect wasn’t really perfect, you were just a child. It somehow feels like the world shows it’s fingernails to you as you grow up, and some fingernails are dirty and long and not in a cute way.

And it is in the knowing that life can feel meaningless, it is in the understanding that your sense of security gets shaken, it is in the seeing that you get changed. This can be hard, it can be painful, it can be lonely and it can be depressing. Recently I have found myself in this place. I mean more of I was in this place for the past two years. Right now it feels like I’m trying to learn how to live with what I’ve learned, trying to learn the meaning of life afresh, how to still live and have joy while seeing the world for what it is because as much as the world is a difficult place to be in, the world is also the most beautiful place ever.

So if this post is speaking to you, here are 5 things that have been helpful to me;

1. Understanding that the dark part of the world will always be there

And then do your best to not contribute to it, if you want to. I understand there’s no payment to being a good person, and that’s why I said if you want to. I have always wondered how there could be some atrocities in the past while there always others living on the other side of the same world, well even today, even now there are still bad things happening while I’m still alive. One can only do much, can only contribute on their issues of choice and where you can’t, it’s good to know that the world has beauty and ugliness, they coexist.

2. Find people who understand and see it the same, it helps you not to feel crazy

Don’t ever underestimate the power of people around you, like the people you surround yourself with shape your life. I have been lucky enough find amazing people who have affirmed and understood my feelings on different stage of life, and I hope the same for you. It is really important to get even one person, even for a season who will help you, hear you, understand you and be with you in that season.

3. Forgive yourself for the times you didn’t know and how you contributed

I saw a WhatsApp status that says, ‘if you don’t think of your past life and cringe, you haven’t really grown’… Something along those lines. I agree. You might have been friends with the ‘evil’ relative in the past, you might have done so many things that looking back you regret. Forgive yourself. And don’t dwell there, you didn’t know any better, now you do.

4. Focus on the good side or consume good news

Bad news is marketable, fear is marketable, news that make you angry keep you glued to the TV and social media so that’s why those kind of content get shown much these days. Be intentional in your pursuit of meaningful and also content that show the good side of the world. Yes someone got killed, but have you seen someone saving a drowning person? Humans are capable of evil but we are also capable of good, consume both content if not more good content. They are rich, fulfilling and tap into the beautiful humane side of you that you should be fed.

5. Try to enjoy life still, we are here anyway

I have recently came across the philosophy of Absurdism, and even though I don’t like subscribing to ideologies till I read more about them (which is never), it looks good on the outside looking in. It talks about seeing how absurd life is and that death is guaranteed, and that there’s sadness and happiness and we are still living in the midst of it all. The philosophy want people to accept that it is all life and we are here to live it fully. Like point number one, find joy in the mundane, find joy in the living, watching the sunrise and sunset, the small things, find joy in the fact that you are alive, give life a fight, show the world the middle finger by fighting and living what you believe. Enjoy the world, just as much as you are hurt by the world.

And those are the five tips that I have found helpful in my life, if you have more don’t hesitate to share on comments. And tell me what truth about the world you have been learning.



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