Naija’s Nollywood industry is one of the consistent movie industries out there. No lie Nigerians represent.

In the previous post of this series I shared lessons from American movies, today, I am sharing lessons from Africa’s own Nigeria.

I have been watching Nigerian movies since I was a child in sunday school, they are one of the movies that always have a life lesson. So let me share today how Nigerian movies have shaped the way I see Nigeria, the world and life;

– Most Nigerians go to witch doctors.

– Many Nigerians are Christian.

(Let me clarify this, I know that the president of Nigeria is a Muslim and I’ve learned a little bit about Muslims – Christians issues in Nigeria, maybe it’s the movies I’ve watched, but many are Christian based)

– A lot of mad (‘crazy’) people in Nigerians are bewitched. With prayers they get healed.

– There is a lot of tensions between wives and mothers-in-law.

– If you don’t get pregnant in your marriage, it’s because you are bewitched, your mother in law might be involved. Your womb is taken somewhere else, it must be returned to you by prayer.

– Protect your man/ fight for your man like you are fighting for your life

– Other women can steal your man using juju, but prayers can bring him back

– A house girl can become a mother house just like that

– Words have power

– True love conquers all

– Rich city men love girls from the village. But then when the girls get to the city they sometimes change.

– In this life there is a lot of class discrimination

– Even if your husband leaves with another woman, he will come back to his senses and come back to you. Pray though, prayers will bring him back home.

What are the lessons about Nigeria and life in general that you have learned from Nigerian movies?


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7 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned from Nigerian movies

  1. Beaton

    If you cheat on your husband with his brother, 17years later you will go insane and the brother will die.

    1. Eunice Tossy

      + You go insane right after coming clean

    2. Eunice Tossy

      this is so true.

  2. Eunice Tossy

  3. Anita Kamba

    you said it all, Nigerian movie story lines are hilarious. I don’t watch them as much anymore, but growing up. I used to watch them a lot

    1. Eunice Tossy

      ikr.. same, growing up we watched them at church even

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