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The Millenial’s guide to keeping your sanity with all the issues going on in the world

One thing that I have learned in life, and that I know for sure is that every country has issues, not just Tanzania, where I come from. The world has issues and everyone is doing the best they can to deal with them.

I am so passionate about social change, justice, activism, politics and issues that we are facing in the world.

And recently I have been so tired of all of it, issues, people’s ignorance and ego that is causing the issues, history and I have started to feel overwhelmed and losing my mind..

There are so many issues, we live in an imperfect world, every morning there is something new from a different part of the world and honestly it is tiring.

Honestly I just want a quick solution to it all and I just want it all to end, somedays I regret the day which marked the beginning of my interest, my passion. I don’t remember it, but how did I get to this point?

So over the years I have gained wisdom from activist, books and people who have been doing social and community development work before me. And here is the guide to keeping my sanity that I am currently implementing in my life:

Know that changes take time

People consider us the ‘microwave generation’, I think I agree. I have recently started to notice how impatient I am. But social changes don’t happen as quickly as we wish they did. Sometimes they take generations, but what you and I do is being a part of the solution… Leading to that change.

Don’t take it personal

When changes don’t happen or you don’t see them in the time you wish you would, don’t take it personal. You did your part, and that’s what’s important.

Someone once told me that,’the world is like an ocean, and us drops in it, each drop contributing to the fullness of the ocean’. And I loved that, whatever you do, even small, you are contributing to the richness of the world.

Know that you can’t solve it all

Sometimes I see so much and learn about a lot of issues and get angry and feel the urge to be a part of solution to all of them. But what I have learned is I can’t solve all of it. This is why there are different people speaking boldly about different issues so that I don’t have to.

All of us have one goal, to make the world a better place, but bringing change in different areas.

Choose few causes to be passionate about

It doesn’t mean that the ones that you don’t focus on are unimportant, no, it means now you can use your energy and zeal towards the ones you choose, and leave others in the hands of others who are more passionate and can focus more on them.

The world is full of problems, this will help you not to burn out. You are not a hero, you shouldn’t be, you should just be a human being.

The easiest way to know which one to focus on is for me the things that have affected you personally. If you have dealt with it chances are others have as well. And maybe as I believe you have dealt with it for a purpose.

Have fun, life is funny and unfunny at the same time

When you are passionate about world issues, sometimes it can feel like that’s what you know, care or think about.

Give yourself time to enjoy life, see and laugh at the things that make life bearable, enjoy the days as well

Be optimistic

Know that the way to change people is understanding them

Understand that people are always trying their best even if that best is not right and the way to changing them is understanding where they are coming from.

Listen, have people who you talk to about your feelings, you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, write/journal or just travel,question things and judge for yourself, but always try to understand people because most of time what people do is about them, not you, so don’t take things personally.

Take social media breaks

Especially Twitter, everyone is an activist in that street.
Self care is key, at the end of the day you are a small part of the world and a big part as well. Be all at the same time.

Enjoy your own little world as well.

And those are the ways, I am keeping my sanity with all that’s going on.

What about you? Comment please!



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