Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


Here’s what is wrong with African prophets

Honestly when the say I have to be an advocate of an issue that I feel that we don’t talk about much, I feel like I don’t know what to advocate about.

Because as a human being in this world I’m subjected to many issues, like a lot of issues I can’t be limited and advocate for just one.

But I am very proud of people who stand up for issues in the world, there are so many.. We need their voices.

I, I am just a girl whose heart breaks for different issues.

Issues like racism, killing of gays, killing of albino, sexual abuse, the way people are mistreated in the world, catcalling and (just so I end this sentence) African prophets who are all about miracles and who are preaching the prosperity gospel.

Oh, the prosperity gospel and African prophets..

The gospel that promises us no pain in this world and that God will give us cars, houses and everything good under the sun.

African prophets??! Where do I start?!

My mom’s church changed a denomination, in her explanation she said, ‘the other denomination we were using anointed oil for everything’ and it was like a witchcraft ritual… So they left.

My mom’s church invited a prophet to minister, the prophet ran away with a girl from the church, living the church with the burden of caring for his wife.

The prophet, had a two weeks ministry before running away. He would tell you everything about you, the past, the present and the future. He would pray for you. You in turn can give an ‘offering’ to the prophet.

A little back story, I currently don’t believe in these kind of ministries, because back in the days my mom took me to one prophet as well, and we had money in an envelope. The prophet prayed for me and then we gave him an envelope.

I didn’t know anything about the Bible at that time, but that felt so wrong to me… It was like an exchange that takes place at a witch doctor’s place.

So months later after that exchange with the prophet, I saw the prophet in a magazine, he was accused of trafficking girls to Dubai. This was years ago.

I am not here to shame anyone, we all have our struggles, Christ is the one who helps us, we have all fallen short of God’s glory, we all need grace.

However I think it is scary, scary when one man can threaten you in church if you don’t do what he wants, or if you don’t give an amount or something that he wants.

It is scary when one man has a final say about your whole life, future and what other people think of you as well.

It is scary when that man has power over you than God does. You tremble at his word that God’s.

It is scary when we live by their words and not God’s.

It is scary that we need manifestation and miracles to believe.

It is scary when we expect cars and houses from God, and make His salvation a work where we benefit more physically than spiritually.

It is scary when we exalt one man, and he becomes god in our congregation, he can do whatever the hell he wants in the church even beating, stepping on us or throw us to the ground.

We live in troubled times, our problems force us to go to church and not our love for God. And this is why we can have a five hour mass, four hours for deliverance and 30 minutes for worshiping the Deliverer.

This is why we get hopes up with the prosperity gospel, because it gives us hope from our misery.

We go through hardship but hey guess what Jesus will give me a car. We make God serve us by requesting healing, success, and all that we need.

I understand, I do, Africa a continent that is known for being poor and having all the problems is exactly the focal point of prosperity gospel and the prophets..

You know why??

Because they promise better, it is like a drug that takes us away from our problems temporarily.


They give us that hope.

The hope that helps us to last for 6 days and the seventh we go for more.

But we waste money on them in return, take a look at the many people who are victims.. Poor people, sick people, just people in need.

Don’t let them do to you, what Jesus wouldn’t.

He died for you, He loves you, His Word sets you free.

I beg let’s read the Bible.

Let’s read the Bible

Let’s read His Word.



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