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Eunice Tossy  

Things I’ve learned from American movies

Recently I’ve started to notice how media shapes us, the way we think, the way we feel, the way we see the world.

And I think what we consume is so important since it shapes what gets to come out of us.

And so I started to think about books, music, movies and pointed out lessons that I’ve got from each. And how they have shaped how I see the world, what I know about the world, what I think about certain people and etc.

This is gonna be a series because I’ve watched movies from India, Nigeria, Korea, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and so many other countries, I hope you also share in the comments things you have learned from movies from these places as well.

Today I’m gonna start with American movies since I’ve consumed a lot of Hollywood products, and from them here is what I’ve learned about America, the world and life in general;

– Don’t mess with America, or any other country, Americans will come after you

– Young people in their twenties live however they want (irresponsibly) and still get to achieve their dreams.

– Americans think about saving the world a lot and they get to do that because everywhere else in the world is trash and so they bring justice.

– America is the most powerful nation in the world, they have resources, they see what everyone from everywhere is doing, they are powerful, no other country compares to her.

– It’s hard for black people in America.

– Americans are sexually liberated.. One night stand is just a normal thing. And you can watch sex scenes with your family I guess cause most movies have them

– There is so much pressure when it comes to beauty.

– They are adventurous, they leave everything behind to go and discover themselves or just go wherever.

– Americans love and are advanced in technology and robotics

– Americans are obsessed with how the future will look like.

– The terrorist are usually Russians, from the Middle East and sometimes Africa.

– The Middle East has a lot of issues especially with their leadership and America is always giving a helping hand to the opposing sides so that they can solve the issues / overtake the government.

Okay, those are some of the lessons that I’ve learned from Americans movies, that I could come up with for this post.

I know there are so many lessons, so share with me what you have learned from American movies as well.


13 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned from American movies

  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu

    We can discuss every lesson from view points the USA is a bubble

    1. Florence Haule

      You have been brain washed by the Hollywood movies very effectively. I have been to The US. Most of the things you have written are not true. Things are not the way they seem to be. The movies display a great desl of propaganda and this time they got you.

      1. Eunice Tossy


        That’s exactly the reason I started this series, to show that not everything as it seems in the media and that we should question things that we consume because reality is different.

        I’m glad you shared from personal experience as well.

    2. Eunice Tossy

      Yeahhhh.. It is a bubble.

    3. Eunice Tossy

      Thank you for reading

  2. Mwijage, Jovin

    Woow nice content but Naomba unielewe unatumia theme ipi na template ipi ili na mm niidownload

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Asante sana. Natumia WordPress

  3. Eunice Tossy

    So so sadly true.

  4. dilman

    You missed one…. there is always a single hero who reluctantly rides into the storm to save the world…..

    Naye covid is showing them that life isn’t a movie

    1. Eunice Tossy

      And make life better for everyone…

      Man! Covid-19

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