Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Maisha ya kila siku

Maybe you should spend sometime away…

Am in Mwanza???..

The journey to here was so full of life, we crossed the Lake Victoria from Bukoba side to Mwanza…

I felt like a child, I loved the journey, I loved the experience, the wind at Lake Victoria softly beating my hands, the city’s night lights seeming approachable, the smell of life under the sea, being present, being there, spending those 15 minutes on Lake Victoria listening to Sia’s bird set free, I felt like a bird who has been set free. I loved the view of the mountain surrounding lake Victoria, and how when I was moving closer to the Mwanza side, the mountain on the Bukoba side looked smaller than it was, when I started the journey.

And at that time a thought came to me, of how my problems look so big when I am close to them, when they feel unbearable, and never ending, and unconquerable…. Like that mountain on Bukoba side.

But when the boat started to move, it actually started to look so small, until it became so hard to see it, until I had to climb on a rock to see that the mountain exists.

I am firm believer of taking sometime away, to sit down, reflect, think and see our problems as outsiders do. To see that our problems are actually conquerable, when you look at them from the outside, far away. To realize that we need to renew our energy and go face our problems again, after developing a different perspective and gaining new energy.

Spending sometime away shows us that there is life when we see the mountain so close to us, as well as when we see the mountain from far away.

Maybe, you should take sometime off, spend sometime away.



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