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It’s not bad luck, it’s a life lesson

Being in my 20’s now, I have passed through many things both good and bad.

For the good I rejoiced and cherished them, but the bad, made me down and depressed. I always said, “ It’s bad luck ”.

I know I ain’t alone in this… whenever something bad happens, I would imagine I’m someone else so that I don’t experience the pain in me.

Most of us live with bleeding wounded hearts that may be stubbed by parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors or anyone close.

Because of what bad things may do to us, we ended up concluding that meeting them is bad luck.

The result of bad luck is REGRETS.

My friend, once you start regretting, all your life is messed up.

Whenever you try to correct the “ bad luck” you will start regretting ( why did I go there?, why did I meet them?, Why did I do this?, why did they do this to me?) .

Regrets are like chorus to a song, you will hear them frequently, and as you hear them, they feed your mind and turn it to be a place for storing negativities.

Regrets draw back inner creativity and potentials, hence one ends up being STRESSED.

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Once you become stressed, nothing goes on.

People would even call you insane or say that you’re bewitched cause stress would cause you to act abnormal.

At this point, there’s nobody you are going to trust or listen to and in the end some people end up committing suicide.

It is really sad, seing a massive group of youths, letting their dreams go unfulfilled because of regrets caused by bad luck that happened to their lives.

I am not giving you hope in a bad circumstances you’re passing through or have been passing through, but I want to share with you one productive input to problems (bad luck).

Everything that comes your way (be it good or bad), there’s a purpose for it to come.

The bad things come our way for a reason of them being lessons in our lives.

Through hardships, constructive lessons are learnt.

Our responsibility, is to live the lessons so that we don’t encounter any other bad thing in future that is the same as the previous one or even use the lessons to navigate life. “Bad luck is not really a bad luck by itself, but rather, a building lesson to good luck.

Here’s what we really have to do to avoid some painful things in life;

1: Don’t trust people too much, people change

2: Mind your own business

3: Focus on the good

4:Have some time to have fun to create no room for regrets and stress

5: Pray according to your belief.

6:Be good, just be good no matter what.

7: Don’t live or do something to impress people, just be yourself.

From the time I realized these inputs, I consider myself to not have met any bad luck in my life, I thus, met lessons that built my life , that’s a wise attitude to have in life😊.

Grace Nakomolwa is an Entrepreneur and youth advocate. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by the same name – Grace Nakomolwa.
Contact: 0673009992

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