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Documentaries I recommend : ‘Sex for Grades’ – Undercovers in West African Universities

BBC made a documentary.. This documentary is amazing, I watched it and cried.

If you have been reading the blog for sometime then you know that I talk about the realities of university life, I talk about rape in university and also about mean teachers/selfish teachers.

I know that girls are asked sex for grades, and this is something that breaks my heart a lot, like why should you be required to use your body to earn equal rights? Why do they think it is okay to ask sex for grades? Why do they feel entitled to our futures? Like as if they control us?

So back to BBC, I honestly wish something like this to be done in East African Universities, like for real. We need more changes like this, like people should know that sexism exist in universities, and girls face hardship/ abuse from people who should be protecting them, because honestly teachers should be second parents.

Teachers, we are your daughters. Treat us like you would want your daughters to be treated. Don’t be selfish, respect us and protect us.

To the girl who has been abused, please speak up, seek help, you will be amazed how people really want to help.

To the girl who is threatened to give sex for grades, don’t give in, he doesn’t own your life or your future, you are the owner. Tell someone that you trust, tell your parents or anyone who you know can help.

No one should have to go through something like this, I am still waiting for a world where we are considered equal humans in all platforms.

So here is the documentary???, let me know what your thoughts are, after watching it.



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