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Beckett and the commentary on activism that you might have missed

I am a fan of John David Washington’s work, maybe because Tenet, the movie that he is in was one of the things me and my boyfriend bonded over, or maybe because he gives a spectacular performance in all the movies that he is in that makes me not believe that he was the same guy I saw in a different movie that he was in. I used to feel that way when watching Korean series but then it was because I couldn’t tell the guys apart so I will be shocked to know that it’s the same person from a different movie, but John David Washington, he is a phenomenal actor in my book, I can’t tell it’s him because of how he embodies the different characters that he plays.

I related to Beckett for so many reasons, I just imagined it was me, that was the thrilling part, in this movie he was just a guy, a tourist, just like me, who was supposed to be assassinated, imagine a melanated person being chased by people who want to kill you in Greece, it’s like a white person being chased in Tanzania, so that part was really thrilling for me because of how easily noticeable he was. I loved how he played normal, not even knowing how to fight and even scared of jumping through cliffs, I’m surprised he survived to the end, cause I would have been dead after jumping from the first cliff.

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But of all the things that made Beckett exciting to me, the story was it. When I learned that the politician wasn’t a good person, but that the kidnapping was because he did wrong to the wrong people, it all made sense. I looked at the activist in a different light. In their mind they thought they were standing up and fighting for this good guy who is a hope for their country, while they didn’t know that his cousin was kidnapped because he had wronged the mafia not because anti political groups were after him.

Politics and activism, police and corruption, Beckett to me was a political commentary of the state we are in. I watch as a lot of the movement are being misguided and misdirected, we have valid anger but directed towards a wrong cause or a problem that is not the real root problem. We create causes that even when they bring changes, they truly won’t bring the solution to the real underneath problems. The people in Beckett, thought they were protesting to protect and help this politician who was their hope not knowing that, this politician who was their hope was using their anger to gain political dominance while behind the scenes he was corrupt, hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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The more I watch our lives and what’s going on in the world the more I think there’s more to know than what we know and are told, even in political movements, there’s still more that we don’t know. It is easy to fool a group than an individual, and when an individual in this case Beckett who could have left the country decided to learn more about the truth, he ended up achieving what a movement couldn’t, saving the boy. The movement thought they were achieving something by protesting but that’s the lesson that I have learned as well, maybe just maybe protest rarely work, rarely bring the changes that we need, instead individual choices do, and if everyone of us where we are individually decide to stand up and learn more about the truth and decide to live in life of the truth exactly where we are, then maybe the group can be powerful and life changing but if we just follow what the group says and feel good by just showing up to protest without doing more, knowing more, knowing the real truth then maybe we are just being used, maybe we don’t think, we go with the group thoughts. That to me was the deeper meaning of Beckett.

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