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5 must read books for 20-somethings

Let’s talk about books today, ayee.

I think you know me a little bit to know that I am a bookworm, I mean I love books, books and music are my companion when I am stressed, in need of direction or just for entertainment.

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Its one thing to read a book, its another thing to not want to put it down or wish there was another volume of the same book…. These books had those impacts on me. I hate repeating stuffs, like TV shows or books that I have already read. But I might read these books again in the future.. Who knows?? Or maybe I will discover new ones that will shake me to the core again?!. Who knows?!

Here we go…

The Defining Decade : Dr Meg Jay

This book is written by a counselor, who used to counsel 20-somethings. She wrote about how your 20’s can be a time you actually invest in and that can define your entire life.. Different to our conceptions that this is the time to waste, she suggested ways to invest and areas that we can invest in. She shares all this from her experience working with 20 somethings patients.

I am fine and other lies – Whitney Cummings

Drawn by the title, mesmerized by the contents. Whitney talked about every issue so candidly. She talked about sexism, the way women change themselves in different relationships, psychological issues… Let me say, if you don’t go to therapy, you can read this book.. This is a therapist in your hands, just this book.. It made me see that I have issues that I didn’t even know I did.

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We are going to need more wine – Gabrielle Union

Okay, its settled. I. Love. Gabrielle Union. I am one of those people who watch a movie because someone that i love is in it, and so you can find me watching every movie she is in.. With that being said, reading this book was a no brainer. Gabrielle is a storyteller, she not only shared her life, she just talked about issues (her rape story, being a step mother and etc) and I loved her stories. I love a book that let’s me relate, and say me too.

Twenty two – Allison Trowbridge

Let’s me be straight with you, this is where I got my letters for the recent graduate idea. I read this book at a right time. When I was just trying to figure out what to do with my life, after graduation. Ally wrote letters for ‘Ash’, when she was going to university and all the experiences that a twenty something goes through…like love, studies, volunteering, searching for meaning and navigating life at whole. This book was just life changing, nerve calming and peace bringing, especially cause I read it in a season that I was really desperate, under pressure and unsure.

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Lean in was a book that shocked me. And made me mad at the same time. The statistics she shared ad the way she showed how women can also pioneer and lead is just amazing.. I recommend this to every woman before going into the career world, I recommend this to every man who is a world changer and a pioneer in making his work environment less sexist and more productive.

What about you, what are the books that changed your life?? I would love to read them!



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