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5 Books that every graduate should read

I graduated on December, 2018. And i pretty much love reading books. So in this post two things that make up my life happen to meet…. books and my graduation. Well, as a person who is depending on books in almost everything, i mean EVERYTHING…I figured i could share some of the books that i have read and i think are helpful.. I like to share things that are personal since i hate small talk??, but i feel more confident to share these things cause i feel like i have experience in these areas.

I pretty much was looking for a book on how to juggle university life, and when i was almost done, you bet i was looking for a book on how to make it in the “real world”.

 I wanted to talk about “post-grad depression”, but i have talked about it here… but today let me just share a list of the books that have inspired me, after my university graduation…

Oh, the places you will go- Dr Seuss
This book is straight up inspirational.. And it pretty much shows the whole picture of what life after graduation is, the ups and downs and everything in between. but most importantly you will feel more excited for the journey of life ahead of you than scared.

Lean In by Sherly Sandberg
If you want practical advice and facts about life after graduations and mostly importantly about how life is as a woman with a career, this is your book to read.. I. So. Loved.This.Book.

Life after College by Jenny Blake
Well this is more like a self evaluation kinda book. I so loved it, it is a book that helps you discover yourself and how you might fit into the real world.

I Just Graduated…. Now What? by Katherine Schwarzenegger
I don’t know why i did put this book at the end of the list, honestly this was the first book i read, and i loved the honesty in this book. This book involves interviews that the author did with different famous and successful people, from people in sports to people owning business, and they all shared their experience about life after graduating and how they felt until they made it in life, and so this book made me assured that what i am going through is normal, and that i too.. Will make it.

Getting from College to Career by Lindsey Pollak
This is one as the title says, it is a book about how to navigate from college life to carrier. Am yet to read this one but it is in my wish-list.

What book has helped you after graduating? Please comment here, i would love to read it too.



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