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15 signs you are burned out and what to do about it

I usually take social media and blogging breaks at least one week in a month, so that I can rest. I do this to avoid or cure burnout.

WHO defines burnout as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

It is characterized by three dimensions;

•feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;

•increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and

•reduced professional efficacy

I’m sure at some point you have felt like you don’t have the energy or interest to do what you really loved doing before / maybe you were exhausted and the feeling wasn’t just physical exhaustion, it was emotional and mental. That’s what burnout is.

Burnout is caused by prolonged stress, or sometimes constant unmet expectations.

Here are 15 random signs that you are burned out (from my personal experience);

– No strength or desire to do what brings/used to bring you joy

– Lack of enthusiasm in what used to keep your soul alive

– Seeking distractions instead of doing what you need to do

– Tired of hearing complaints / not knowing what to do or deal with dissapointments anymore (like you have reached your limits).

– Even the slow internet can make you scream and want to throw your phone away

– Crying at work helps you feel relieved

– Feeling like you just need to tolerate the few hours you are at work

– Counting the remaining days to your holiday/vacation

-Your mind stucks sometimes,and you don’t even remember you opened the Word document to do what exactly

– You find yourself looking at something for a long time while your mind is blank

– Mind is heavy takes a long time to remember anything.

– You are in relentless pursuit of something that can fill the void

– Sometimes you don’t see the purpose of your existence (you think what you do doesn’t matter)

– Creativity slows down , blogging/working gets tiring, you can’t write/work or get excited by it

– Headaches and stomachaches

(Some of the symptoms are similar to depression)

Here are couple things you can do:

Know where it is coming from

Is it your boss adding the workload?

The pressure at the office?

You have a lot to do on the table?

Where is it coming from so that you can organize or speak up or whatever needs to be done.

Take a break (rejuvenate)

What you need is time away from what you think you need to do or needs to be done. Rest.

Cultivate a life out of work

When you focus on just working without taking time out to focus on other things you spend all your energy on it. You need to go out, sleep and your mind needs a break from thinking about work all the time.

Take a break from social media

More on this, HERE

Know when to end things

Sometimes burnout is a sign. It’s your body telling you, it is enough.

I remember I was running multiple Instagram pages, both with good messages and spreading love and kindness in the world but I felt burned out, overworked and I couldn’t balance or give them my all. So I decided to close some accounts so that I can focus and give my energy, my all to few of them. Now I feel relieved, excited and more inspired to work on just two Instagram pages.

So listen to your burnout, listen to your body, listen to yourself.

Find inspiration again

For me while resting I always take time to watch/read other people’s creative works I have found this to be so helpful in getting inspiration and the fire back for my work or even new and fresh ideas sometimes.

So whatever helps you get inspired again, do that. Take this time to rest and find your groove again.

What are some ways that have helped you to deal with burnout?


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