Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


Ah Chinese things!

I bought the earphones while worried sick that they won’t last,
And they delivered what i feared the most,
Two months after using them,
the fuse burned and they died,
Ah Chinese things!

I bought the phone and captured my memories,
All my graduation pictures and memories of my happy times,
Then one year later my phone showed some lines I couldn’t decipher,
And the next mornng it was off, forever,
Ah Chinese things!

I hate them,
There are a lot of them,
I can afford them,
Can’t they make them last a little longer?
Ah Chinese things!

It’s a new slang now,
Chinese things,
Which simply means fake things,
When they last long we get shocked,
Ah Chinese things!

The Chinese capitalism,
They make products for everyone’s needs and cash,
Your cash determines if it will last,
But at least you had it at the time when you needed it,
Or at least you had a copy of what you really wanted to have,
Ah Chinese things!

Is it even right?
Does capitalism care about rights and wrongs?
As long as you have a need,
They have a product,
Not lasting is the point,
Ah Chinese things!

Is it just in Africa?
I bought couple products in China in their home markets in 2016,
They lasted longer than their products that I buy in some African countries,
Why are we on the receiving end of fake, non durable products?
Ah Chinese things!

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