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What Coronavirus and Ebola have in common

I saw couple pictures on Twitter of Chinese people who were covering their noses around anybody who looks black during Ebola time.
Saw the same happenning to the Chinese now when Coronavirus is going on.

I am gonna to be honest, the first time i saw this, i felt so happy that this is happening to ‘them’.

As someone who has been to China and get racially abused in the shopping mall, i felt so happy that this is happening to ‘them’.

Most Chinese people are racially ignorant and it’s so bad that they are known for that. I mean i hear and see stories of them being racist even out of their country.

You can do better Chinese people, please do better.

I also felt bad that i felt happy that they are facing this, my human, rational and politically correct side won’t let me rest for God sake, so now i am like humans why aren’t we more humane?

These situations can basically happen to anyone, why do we like to think we are better than others?

One thing about racism is the fact that it makes you think your race is better for not going through that and so you do everything in your power to stop your race from interacting with the other race, but at the end of the day we are all human.

I understand we do this as a way of protecting ourselves, but isn’t protecting us done by the government already?

How does calling someone Ebola monkey or coronavirus protect you from the viruses?

There is no need to have all these ideas on our heads about a race or even project these ideas by calling people names.

Maybe it’s not the disease we are scared of, maybe we have an issue with the race but the disease gave us a platform to express our racist ideas openly.

Racism has a tendency of making you separate yourself from your race or whatever is going on in your race, we humans are prone to trying our best to fit in, And so if we are not accepted because of issues in our race, we tend to mentally and in action separate ourselves from the issues and even the race.

And that’s traumatic, you feel a sense of loss, confusion and in conflict in your own body.

I have been wondering why don’t we help and have compassion on others even if ‘they’ don’t look like us?

It seems like in the end race is much an issue as much as it is not an issue.
Its like we are there, but we are not really there.
Its like we are united but superficially.

Let’s not repeat what we did during Ebola time.
Let this be a lesson that no race is better and that we are all human beings, regardless of our races.

Let’s be more humane, people are losing their loved ones. It can happen to any one.



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