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5 life lessons we should learn from this pandemic

I feel like at this point, I don’t know what i feel. Or what I think anymore.

Most days am all over the place, and other days I am trying so hard to be sane and not exhausted.

But somedays I think.

We gotta learn somethings from life’s experiences and Coronavirus is no different.

I actually created these questions for someone who is looking for self refection prompts during this pandemic, but apart from that here are life lessons that i think we should all learn from this pandemic..

It can happen to you

When it was in China, i didn’t care tbh. I was like, ‘its their problem’.

Then it came to Tanzania, and it dawned on me that am not immune to anything in the world, and so I should always be mindful of that. That has helped me to be more empathetic.

We affect each other

I know we have borders and all, but at the end of the day I think as humans we should learn that there is no them vs us.

As long as we are human, we affect each other. We depend on each other. We need each other. We affect each other’s path.

We can see this in business when now if a teacher is not working, she can not support a self employed person’s business and etc. But also in how China was affected and now all of us are.

Life is full of uncertainties

Life bruh! You can’t be too certain.

The fact that we were all looking forward to achieving our goals in 2020 only to be hit by a pandemic is nothing short of shocking.

I learned what pandemic means in secondary school, I never thought I would experience one in my life.

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I have been talking about saving money a lot. And I do save. Do my savings support me during this time? Nop. Am broke.

So obviously I see money differently now. I see relationships differently now. I feel like a new person.

I hope though I don’t become like those people who hoard things for the last days, I fear that I might become paranoid from this experience because I don’t know when the next pandemic will be and I need to be prepared financially and etc….pray for me y’all.

The world won’t be the same, and i hope in a good way.

We used to take life for granted

I feel like I am more appreciative of a bus ride to town now more than I was before. Breathing the air without mask is something I am looking forward to. I am just so grateful for the small things now.

A lot of things are changing right now, and I think we as humans are as well.

I hope we are learning to appreciate life more.

And one last thing that i think we should learn from this pandemic is We are not God.

Somehow we forgot with all these development, robots, creativity, money and all that jazz, somehow we thought we are in control, this pandemic reminded us that we are not that powerful. And it is a good thing I think.

What have you learned from this pandemic?


(As I was writing this post, this song came on and I thought it could be comforting to you who is reading this)

Tricia Brock – What I Know


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