Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Being African,  Guest Post

Dear African Woman…

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Dear African Woman, here’s what these amazing contributors want you to know;

Dear African Woman,

Didi you know you’re melanin goddess,

Black is beautiful, don’t change because they tell you black is evil.

They are intimidated by your uniqueness that is why you have to change to become them.

Dear African Woman keep shining the world is waiting for your glow

Kudzanai from

Dear African Woman,

You are a gem, you are stronger than you can imagine, you are enough no matter what the voices on the inside of you keep saying. You have got what it takes to be the greatest and best version of yourself. You are a masterpiece, work of art. So, walk like it, talk like it and let your light shine. Believe that you are able to accomplish everything you set your mind to do. Be happy, be joyful, smile even when you do not feel like it, smile, it makes a difference.

You are a force of good.

Ritah Nasiima from

Dear African Queens, for years you have been accustomed to begging for a place at the table, but let me tell you, your place at the table is a reserved birth right. It is not for man or anyone to accord you, you are owed it, so rightfully and unapologetically take it.


Dear African Women,

You are all shades and sizes of beautiful! Embrace your honey brown melanin skin, all your curves and edges, wear your kinky crown unapologetically. You are versatile,like the curls on your head, wear it short or long, braided or straight… Don’t burden yourself to change your skin to look lighter when you have all the light within you. You do not need anyone’s validation to be beautiful, don’t let the media make you believe that you need lighter skin, straight hair and a skinny body to be beautiful… Define your own standard of beauty.

Violet Muparamoto

Dear African Woman,

It’s absurd to think of yourself any less than a princess.

Do you know who you are?

Or better yet, do you know whom you belong to?

You are the daughter of the King of Kings,

You are the daughter of the Most High,

So when you fall; cause you will at some point in life

Rise up!

Dust off your clothes,

Pick up your tiara and with your head held up high, smile!

Smile cos you are an African woman,

born from the lineage of fighters

born in the mother continent.

and by your side,

your Father shall be there.

There to hold your hand

Cos He’s always there for you!

Yours truly,

Fellow African Sister.

Peshy Jumwa from

S/o to everyone who contributed in this piece, read part 1 of Dear African Woman HERE


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