Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Maisha ya kila siku

Dear Me: From the present me to the past me

I know you are laughing now, when you look back at all the things that you have overcome, i know you believe now, because you have finally seen the future He said He had for you, you who used to be of little faith. I am proud of you, of all the huddles you went through and by His strength you passed, for indeed you realized there is no life apart from Him.
Dear me, be grateful, for the journey that you went through, dear me, He had you exactly where He wanted you to be. The pain, the tears, the joy, the laughter, the quietness and each moment after,they all were known, they all were by design. You thought dear me, you thought, there would never be a future, you thought dear me, you thought you were done off, that nothing good could come out of you, but look at you now, who knew, who knew except the One who made you?

Dear Me: From the present me to he present me

Dear me, you are forgiven, for the mistakes you made out of foolishness and out of selfishness, out of love and out of fear, dear me you are not forgotten, it is by the grace of God, you were created, it is by it you are being sustained. If only you could see where He took you, where you are now, where you will be, you would only rejoice, again i say rejoice.

Dear me, i won’t lie, i am facing a lot of the consequences from the decisions you made that i am not proud of ‘now’, but maybe this is my opportunity to show that i have changed, that indeed i am anew creation, i will use this time wisely.

Dear me you were young, i agree you shouldn’t have made half of the mistakes that you made, but also maybe you shouldn’t have done half of the good things that you have done,so don’t be hard on the present me, because i wasn’t only bad, i was also good. Matter of fact dear me, you learn, you grow, you know, apparently that’s how you grow, that’s how you are here today, because of all the mistakes that have shaped you, so i forgive you, for you helped me grow, you taught me a lot, but i also forgive you because i am forgiven too, i forgive you because i was loved even then, in the madness, in the mud, i forgive you because if you knew you were loved, you wouldn’t work that hard to seek it, but now you know, i forgive you because you were young, i forgive you because i am a new creation.

Dear me, i am so proud of you, how you were determined to change, and end the circles. I am so proud at how you let it out to Him who led you to date, am so proud how you learnt to surrender. How you collected the broken pieces to and gave them to the one who made the whole miracle out of them, how you chose me, before you knew me, and worked to get here to me, of how you knew you wanted better, dear me, that will take you far.

Dear me, i love you, for you are loved, i wish i could have loved you better in action by sparing you a lot of heartbreaks, but i promise to do that more now, dear me, it is never too late to start, and am excited to do it now.

Dear me, thank you, thank you for going through all of that joy and pain, struggle in vain, anger and shame just to get to me, just to learn all that i have in me, just to know me, i mean i wouldn’t have known all of that if i didn’t go through that, i wouldn’t know me, i wouldn’t know and experience Him, so thank you. People say “if i knew then what i know now”, they say that a lot forgetting that it is by not knowing that then, and messing up to know, is when you know, so every time don’t beat yourself up, it is how it was meant to be for you to know.
Dear me, i am proud of who you have become, keep trusting in Him, your Rock,He is taking you somewhere, so let go and grow.
From the present me, to the past me.


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