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Dondoo za Maisha

Dear Me

“Dear me, How happy and good we would be, if we had no worries.”

I know you are thinking of how life will turn out a lot, like a lot. Sometimes you wish that God would reveal everything to you, so you could know what is going to happen two days or three years later. But at the same time you love the mystery, in fact life would not be fun without the surprises you get from God in your life. Dear me, i think you are an amazing person, so amazing that if i were somebody else i would want to be you too???, i mean so amazing that someday i look in the mirror and say wow.
Dear me your so beautiful, so fearfully and wonderful made. Dear me you are more than a conqueror, you are protected, you are loved by God and the people He has placed in Your life. Dear me,your steps are guided, you are fully known, dear me your life is already known and so is your name. Dear me, there is nothing that happens in your life that God has no information about, in fact the next second is already planned. Dear me you are everything God thinks of.

Dear me, you are so amazing, but i know sometimes you judge yourself harshly than anyone has ever judged you, don’t be harsh on yourself, you are a work in progress, flaws and all, i just want you to know that i love you.

I love you sooooooooo much, i just want you to see the effort and the work you put by working on yourself, girl your doing good. By wanting to heal the wounds of your past, and your present so that you can walk into your future whole, girl you my boo. I love that you realize that you are not supposed to dwell on the ups or the downs of this life, but in everything there is a season. I love that you work so hard on yourself even when nobody notices. I love that you speak up for what is right, you speak up for yourself and that you are a voice to the voiceless. Dear me, i love the way you love other people around you as much as you love yourself, and how you correct yourself in everything you fall short of. Life is like a school, we learn, we correct ourselves, and we live what we are taught. Have fun in this journey called life. Discover, learn, laugh, love,cry,give and grow.

I love that you yearn to be a better person and a better friend and daughter everyday, as Christine Caine would say you are getting betterer and betterer. I love you long after God’s heart, and how that it is your pray that whatever breaks God’s heart, breaks yours. I know that’s the reason you are concerned with the lives of the people around you.

Dear me, i love how you learn to forgive easily, the 7 times 70 easily, i mean everyday you work towards that. Everyday you work towards keep His commandments, everyday you commit yourself to know Him more, and if that is not inspiring dear me, i don’t know what is.
Dear me, have hope, the future is bright. You will not stay on this forever surely the seasons will change. Dear me i want you to believe that the best is yet to come and God has better things in store for you. Dear me, the sacrifices you make in your life are worth it, the books you read everyday are changing your world with every word that are written in them. Dear me i want you to believe that you are exactly where God wants you to be. Dear me you are amazing.

Nicole Nordeman – Dear Me

From the present me, to the present me,


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