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Being African,  Guest Post

Dear African Child

I got this idea couple weeks ago, to write a letter to an African child in collaboration with fellow Africans from Twitter.This post aims at empowering and reminding African children of their value, so that the world doesn’t dictate their self esteem. As Africans here is what we want African children to know..

Dear African child, your parents are doing the best they can and are probably dealing with their own unspoken traumas. Be patient with them. They’ve been in survivor mode for so long. It’s all they knowDear African child. Wanting the approval of your family is not wrong. Sacrificing your dreams and desires for your family is wrong. It is completely okay to choose you. It will be uncomfortable. Still do itDear African child, your parents lack of affection isn’t a lack of love. They didn’t learn it. Teach them.Dear African child. Get the piercing and the tattoo. Your parents won’t die! Lol@YaaDoublea from A Serene Place Blog

Dear African Child you are loved and you are powerful, know yourself love yourself and trust yourself everything will work out in your favour trust in the process and don’t forgot to keep on going you got this💛.@amanda_ngcono

Dear African Child. Remember where you come from and embrace your culture. Just do not let it define you. You’re bigger than that small village, bigger than any challenge you think is unconquerable. Inside of you is a big treasure chest that will unleash the best of your abilities so never ever tell yourself that you will amount to nothing. African child, the world is yours.@passionvictimzw from Passion Victim Blog

Dearest African children you have come to exist at the best time not just for humanity but for Africa as a continent. With all this full-scale uprising of every aspect of life from social-economic, to education and through to technological advancement that we are part of, we don’t need to go through all the stages the world has gone through but we can just hop on and ride with the world which is an advantage. Child remember to proceed with corporation and corroboration over rivalry in all your endeavors. I also have to tell you that our cultures should be carried forward in a progressive manner that allows you to be part of the revolution going on. The environment should be key and Central to all you think of.@Benjamin_Watch from Musanjufu Kavubu Blog

Dear African child you are beautiful as you are. You don’t need to get lighter or darker or anything they tell you because you are beautiful as you are. You are beauty and beauty is you.

Dear African child,You are good & enough so adjust your crown. You stand on the shoulders of great women and men,leave it better. You will inherit a torn economy that works for a few, Make it inclusive and restore the dignity of our people.
Africa is you.@kasiva_mutisya

Dear African child,
Be proud of your history and your heritage. Learn from the life experiences of your elders. Remember that while you may be born free, in an independent country – your freedom is not complete until you decolonise your mind@Sisekeloo

Dear African Child,
Do not shelve your dreams; keep pursuing them and get in touch with that part that makes you unique.
You can be great!

Dear African Child,Your path has not been easy. You have been called names, blamed for things you did not do & told that you are hopeless. Yet, even when they mispronounce your name, change your history or refuse to acknowledge it at all – know this:You are the future. You are your ancestors wildest dreams. You are royalty. You are strength and resilience personified. You are pure joy and love magnified. You are like the rays of the African sun, shining bright. You are like the Zambezi river, deep, powerful and mighty. You are like the beating of an African drum, rhythmic and soulful.Keep pushing. Look forward to see where you are destined to go. Look backwards to see just how far your people have come. African Child, you are our hope for a brighter tomorrow.@mom2minja & PhilisaCreativz

Dear African Child, you were born in a rich continent, do not live in fear and shame. Change the narrative, share your story, speak your mind. Learn and unlearn. Take time to discover you, what you like and the world. You are a citizen of the world just like anyone else’s, you belong here. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or where you come from, if you look closely you will see that it is the outside noise that portrays you negatively, you have been proud of you all along, your people have been through a lot and they still stand strong, and for you to be a part of them, count yourself blessed, smart and chosen. You have a purpose.



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