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Being African,  Guest Post

Dear African Child | Part 2

If you haven’t read part one of Dear African Child, you can read it here.

As Africans here is what we want African children to know :

Dear African Child

There is a fight we all have to fight, and that is the fight that involves being who you are and who they say you should be. You feel the need to hide the pieces of you that are said to be unacceptable because you want to be loved. You want to fit in. You want to belong.

But is it love if you are pretending? If it comes at a price, the price of losing yourself, does it really count? I think not.

It will take a while and it will be hard but I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with who you are. Express yourself and allow real love to find you. Make way into the spaces that allow you to spread your wings and be colorful.

You are enough.

@becominguBu from Becoming UBU

Dear African
The world needs to know the unique and beautiful you.

Being African is a blessing treasure it.
Let the world know how majestic your language is.

Dear African child,
Be You. Be African

@KMKurotwi from Black Mwana Diary

Dear African Child,

There is a reason you were birthed right here on this continent. Our systems (educational, governance, business etc) may not be as fluid as those in the Europe and Americas, implying you need to work extra hard to attain your goals. There are several opportunities too but you need push a little bit more to discover and fulfill them. I can assure you, it’s possible to be a success story on this continent. Go for it! 💪🏾

@christianbloggh from The Christian Blog Ghana

Dear African Child.

There is a time in life were you have to make decisions that you gonna have to live with. Some times, people will push you to do what they think is the best for you, but you personally wouldn’t feel is the best one. Make decisions best for you.


Dear African child
Everyday is a blank page
Write your own story
Don’t let people define you because you were born unique
You are here to make history
Believe in yourself and shine
African child

@Nikki_zw from Humanity Boss

Dear African child,
This world is more than the mathematics, the physics and history you learn in class.
This world is more than what you watch on TV and listen to on Radio.
This world is cruel,
This world is at the same time the most beautiful place to be.
This world is you.

@Nzensubuga from Nze Nsubuga

Dear African child, think for yourself. Listen to your guts. You are smart enough. You are free to decide for yourself. You are capable. You are as equally good and worthy. You can bring change. Believe in yourself, be confident in your decisions. Raise your voice, you have something to bring to the table.



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