Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


I am a non denominational Christian

I can’t believe I said it out loud.

If you Google that, you will get a lot of definitions.

But here is what that means to me.

I grew up Pentecostal.

Was baptized as a teenager.

My grandparents were Lutherans.

Growing up my mom was worshipping at a Full Gospel Church led by Kakobe, a prominent preacher in Tanzania. I used to clean toilets and sleep and enjoy kids services there.

Then mom moved to different independently led ministries and i moved with her.

Sometimes, most times I worshipped at a Pentecostal church that was close to our home.

I worshipped at Dar Pentecostal Church (DPC) that’s where i was baptized. I worshipped at CCC when i was in high school and i still go for their monthly overnights.

In college i church hopped a lot, and because I have been travelling and living in different houses a lot, i have had the privilege of worshipping where the host worships. And so I have been to different churches.

Lutheran, Catholic, Sabbath and so many others.

Since I grew up Pentecostal, I notice the differences.

However as I grow up as a Christian woman, I always wonder why do we have these differences..

Especially since we believe in the same Jesus. And then I am learning it is just in our different ways of translating what the Bible says.

I decided to be non denominational and not be stuck in the differences. I have noticed how others think they are right to be Pentecostal and think that Catholics are wrong and vice versa. As a non denominational, I respect everyone’s point of view, it’s just a way a person worships and connects with God in the way they deem best, and as long as it is Biblical the way they worship, I will do so too.

As Christians, we have these church rules that are deemed more important than even what the Bible says. And if you grew up something else, there is a way you tend to hold on to that without even reading the Bible for yourself. We pass on teachings, without reading ourselves. And if it is been misinterpreted, it will keep on going exactly as it is.

And so to me, the Word of God and unity as Christians is a priority. A Catholic is not better than a Pentecostal, or a Lutheran is not right than a Catholic.

Yes there are some denominations that I don’t worship in because well they contradict with the Bible big time.

I think I should say that I don’t believe in most ministries as well. By ministries I mean, an independent leader establishing his/her own church.

I still believe in these establishment, I just don’t think one is better than the other, or one worships better than other. And so I am free to worship in any denomination, and do what they do as long as it is biblical to me (to my understanding of what the Bible says).

In my table, It doesn’t matter if you are Lutheran, Catholic or Pentecostal, to me you are a Christ follower. And we are in the same body of Christ because we believe in Him together.

I also don’t think this being a non denominational Christian should be a denomination, I guess am confused and still learning.

Let me keep on reading the Bible y’all.

To me being non denominational means the freedom to worship at any church, I travel a lot I want to be able to worship at a Catholic church when a Lutheran church is not nearby.

To me it means having respect and unity.



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