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Why we go through difficult times sometimes

Wanted the title to be, ‘why we go through, what we go through sometimes’, but i decided the word difficult will be enough.

I honestly don’t know why we go through what we go through sometimes, the difficult times, the hard times, why people are mean, why they make it their mission to do actions that affect us, why some people are not considerate and don’t care about the effects of their actions on others, I don’t know…

What I know though is that, Christians believe there is a purpose for all that we go through. We believe God chose us to go through that in this lifetime at this time. All nice, well and encouraging.

I just want to say that even though you believe you were born for this, it doesn’t mean that the situation is not painful, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cry, or that it’s not heavy to carry.

Difficult times are difficult, painful and leave us disoriented.

They may have a purpose, you know like helping us grow, helping us learn in life, make us brave or make everything about life make sense, you know helping us understand why we go through what we go through.

But still they are so painful.

Cry, feel the pain, live in that moment of asking why am I going through this?

Cry, because the God who created you for that purpose, is with you when you are living that purpose. He is there to comfort, love you and see you through it.


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