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How I overcame my fear of dogs, and what the experience taught me about fear

It was 2004 when i had my first terrible encounter with dogs. I went to visit my grandparents and i didn’t know that my gradfather had dogs, for security.

So at night I went to the toilet outside, and that is when I was attacked, they started to chase me because they didn’t know me and I was coming from their owner’s house, and I screamed and ran for my life until grandpa came and helped me.

Since then, dogs and me were enemies.

I used to be so scared of dogs to the extent that when I see them coming, I shiver, sweat and change the direction.

I used to be terrified of dogs.

Until last year..

In 2018, I held a puppy in my arms for the first time. And overcame my fear of dogs.

According to the little reading that I did about fear of dogs, I learned that fear of dogs can be cause by two things:

1. Traumatic experience with dogs (which is my experience)

2. Seeing dogs later in life and hence fear of animals

So here are the ways that helped me beat this fear:

+++ Admitting that I have that fear

You can’t solve an issues that you can’t admit you have. The first step is to be real with yourself, and see it as an issue that you want to solve.

+++ Deciding to change

I had to sit down with myself and have some honest conversations, do I want to fear dogs for the rest of my life or try to be fearless?

When I measured the pros and cons, I decided that I should atleast try to overcome that fear.

+++ Walking with those who don’t have a fear of dogs

Walking with people who were brave when I wasn’t,boosted my own confidence. I felt brave as well being in their midst.

They shared their tips onwhat makes them brave, they told me to;

-look at dogs in their eyes

-not run when they are coming my way

-they told me that dogs sense it when a person is fearful, and that is how they detect a thief, so if I see them, I should not fear, I should walk confidently.

And I tried, and it has worked out for me. I am not yet to a point where I can have a dog as a pet, however last year I made history by holding a puppy on my arms.

And that leads to another thing that helped me beat this fear, taking it step by step.

It is a process, I started with not changing directions when they were coming, to standing when they were approaching me, to looking them in the eye, to 2018 holding one because of the influence from my brave friends.

So that’s how I overcame my fear, and here are the lessons I learned from that experience..

—Fear is an illusion that can make you believe in it. Am not saying that dogs are harmless. But not every dog that I was meeting was, and so everytime I feared danger from dogs that were probably not dangerous.

So right now, whenever i feel fearful when I see dogs, or walk with my friends who still fear dogs, I remind myself that it is just fear, nothing else, i also give them tios that have helped me overcome this fear

— Walk with the brave, they can hold you up. Syrround yourself with the right people who will push you to be better and overcome what they have already overcome.

— You can change things when decide it is time to change, or when you are tired of them being the same way.

Have you ever been scared of dogs? Tell me about it?


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