Without their consent?

Just because they prayed for them?

On Twitter, a Christian guy shared something personal with me and at the end he made sure to tell me,‘ please don’t share this’.

That troubled me.

Why did he think I would share it?

Did his thought of me sharing it limit what he had to say? Maybe he couldn’t be more open because of that?

It troubled me for days. But then I understood him when I heard this story.

There was a person who was prayed for, she was possessed by demons and then she got healed. And so she decided to go to the church of the pastor who prayed for her. And when it was nearly the end, the pastor called her to the altar. Apparently many people testified that day, but she didn’t. And so the pastor took the matter into his hands, and testified for her. And he said something along these words as narrated to me,‘ this woman you see in front of you, was demon possessed, her house and her as well. I was at her place and prayed for her, she is now free, you can go sit now’.

You don’t want to see me when I am shocked, and when I heard that story that is what I was, shocked.

Like who does that?

So she felt embarrassed, and even though she went to join the church, she never returned after that.



I remember reading in Mark I think where Jesus was healing some people and then He was telling them, don’t tell anyone.

I also read in verses where He told them to go tell people. I think that is what testimonies came about.

I don’t know if there are rules to giving testimonies, but I think it should be given by a person.

I am not gonna say I have finished reading the Bible, but I am yet to see a verse where Jesus said, I did that and that to that and that. If you know a verse where Jesus shared people’s story of how miraculous He is, please share. I have only read about His parables. He left the people who were healed to share by themselves, out of their own joy and praise for God.

At the end of the day it should be about bringing God glory, and what better way to bring Him glory than when you are the one saying it or it is in your consent? It should come from your heart, that’s where all praises should come from.

But nowadays, it is a trend to screenshot conversations, share stories of people who were healed when you prayed for them or helped them, and I find it so troubling. (Unless the person consented to it)

I know, I know, one of the ways people on social media get verified as legit is when their numbers are high (and that’s why I left, cause it was so frustrating), do we use the same logic and marketing strategy even in churches?

Do we share testimonies to be seen as ‘God’s vessels at work’ and hence gain followers and people’s trust?

Is that what testimonies are for? Maybe we should check the positions of our hearts when we share things of God, or what we hear, do we do it for His glory or for ours?

I don’t know, this seems like something I have felt like talking about a lot, but I just don’t have the right words for now, when I do understand this in depth, I will write a part two of it.

Check this article for more understanding of this topic : Why did Jesus ask some people not to tell others the miracles He did?


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6 thoughts on “Is it right for Christian ministers to share people’s testimonies??

  1. Elpidius

    Thanks I learn something. I was just reading Mark 5:43 ” when Jesus gave strict order not to let anyone know about it when he raises a dead girl and heals a sick woman”. Testimony are meant to be given out by attestant out if free will

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Thank you Elpidius.

      Honestly, I think so too..

      1. Frole

        Eunice u made my day hahaaa

        1. Eunice Tossy

          Am glad to hear that Frole

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