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Know the Facts but Understand your Truth

Fact is the reality that cannot be logically disrupted or rejected, Truth on the other other hand is almost the opposite..

However, the TRUTH needs to be discovered or even created by one’s perspective, beliefs and experiences.

After knowing certain facts about your life what’s next is making your own understandable means of facing life & the path walking you down to your highest self.

Our common mistake is trying to understand and changing facts about ourselves something which is very impossible because facts are concrete realities that cannot be changed… all we need is to know them and where necessary just acknowledge them.

For instance: Am a girl born into an ordinary family, a fact that no greater reasoning skills can change it…

But if the same girl stands and decides to say ‘I AM EXTRAORDINARY’ while possessing strong reasoning for the affirmative of the statement that will be the Truth and my TRUTH specifically.

Don’t exert so much energies in changing the facts about yourself because you’ll never understand why certain things were/are meant to be that way for you.

Most of us have wasted time and still trying to change certain facts in our worlds thinking that, that will make us even better…

I do agree we all want to make a good impression perhaps at some point we’re doing it wrong.

Create your Truth from those Facts.

Learn how to differentiate the two (truth &facts) in every aspect of your life… Facts are already there but truth is what is yet to be seen.

At this point our family status, backgrounds, mistakes, failures, shortfalls can no longer define us…

If there’s a space inside your brain that you need to change something then fix your truth in it!!!


Christine Bellington

Blogger at Embrace Tanzanian Youth

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