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Guest Post

10 things to do after failure.

Hello dear, here is a guest post by my brother and friend, Avith. He is the one who gave me the idea of writing a post for those who got unexpected form six results, and with the same heart he sent me this post as well..

I hope it will encourage you as well.

Failure is not an option in our lives..

– we have to fail in order to grow.

-we have to fail in order to discover new ways of doing things.

-we have to fail so as we can see clearly see what is really meant for us.

Someone once said falling down is not a real failure, but failing to stand up again is a real failure.

It is believed that every man created by God is given a gift. And this gift is to help you to live and fulfill your life purpose.

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In my life I have come to appreciate talents and gifts to be the great tools we can use to reach our destinies.

It’s not only a college degree that will help you get there where you want to be, but your hidden potential if well manifested and used can be a good way to take you to your destinies.

I have witnessed the majority who are graduating with their best results from best universities but never used their professions in life, instead they turned their way to use their talents and gifts that paved their journey to success.

We are in the Information Age that is almost coming to its end and eventually we are taking up a new age, thus we will need to be ready and prepared so we can survive in this new age.

This new age that’s taking up our lives is the INNOVATION AGE. It’s an age that will need us to use our talents and gifts more than our professions.

If I had to advise someone today about going to college, I would rather tell him or her to shape and walk on his or her talents and gifts.

In future we won’t be employed just because we have university degrees or masters, but what we can uniquely deliver to the community.

Our talents and gifts will take a big percentage in an INNOVATION AGE and not like what it is to this information age where we struggle to get education and have first class or second upper from university.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma once said, “everything today is being replaced by the computer technology, if we won’t teach our children to do what the computer cannot do, it means we will be preparing a generation that will compete with machines. And yet many people will never be employed cause machines will be capable of performing those jobs”.

And this is really coming into reality since we are not trying to shape our talents and gifts.

It’s my advice to youth, to start working on their talents and shape their God given gift. It will open gates they never thought can be opened for them.

I advise you students who didn’t get best results and you think you have failed. This is my message to you, you haven’t failed yet.

1. Start today to shape you God given gifts and talents.

2. Read books that align to your potential – try Think Big by Ben Carson and Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final by Robert Schuller

3. Get time to think and relax find out what’s your purpose.

4. Go near God your creator build a good relationship with Him, He will direct you what to do.

5. Try something you believe you can do. Whether volunteering/interning or work on an idea that you have.

6. Apply discipline in every move you attempt.

7. Surround yourself with people who add value to you, who genuinely care for you and your mentors and the people who do what you desire to do.

8. Learn new things – take online classes or YouTube lessons

9. See what options you have on the way to pursue what you want – if it is diploma, certificate or any other options you have – take your time to think.

10. Accept what has happened, and allow yourself to figure out a way forward

Life offers opportunity to every one of us, it’s up to an individual to act upon the opportunity.

Every delay has a blessing and failure is not final.

By Avith Amos -an overcomer

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