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Things I’ve learned from Filipino movies

I have been thinking about Philipines a lot lately, its because I’m reading a book by a Filipino – American author and I’m learning how we have a lot in common, starting from colonization, the slavery mentality, LGBTQ+ community, bleaching, colourism and etc.

This is part three of this series, where I explore how media, movies and what we consume is really powerful, in a sense that we are learning and shaped by them even when we don’t think we are.

Here is part one of what I’ve learned from Nigerian movies and here is part two of things I’ve learned from American movies. Would love to hear what you have learned from movies from these countries as well.

When I was preparing to write this post I just thought of how I grew up in Tanzania and our TV stations showed South African, Venezuelan, Mexican, Indian, Filipino, American, Korean, Zimbabwean, Nigerian movies and series alongside Tanzanian of course, which is good because I got to learn about other countries and cultures in the world through art, but also this made me think about the ‘art power dynamics’. Have people in these countries grew up consuming art from Tanzania as well or from other African countries?

I think I don’t have my thoughts well put together but I just wanted to put it out there.

Anyway here are things I’ve learned from Filipino movies and series;

– Life is full of ‘from rags to riches’ stories (Many women fall in love with men who are rich and it changes their lives)

(If you are born in a poor family and you are a woman, you will meet a rich guy who will fall in love with you, he will be your ticket to richness, and your life will change forever.)

– There is a lot of class discrimination.
(His family will not like you because you are from a poor family, also his family will want him to marry someone from the same social class but he won’t love her.)

– A lot of bad things happen to good people, good poor people. They are done by bad rich people.

– If you get an accident, you get amnesia. You will forget everyone, especially your wife. Sometimes you might remember a girl you dated before the current one.

(If you are the rich guy who married the poor girl, if you forget her, your family will take her back to her poor roots. Also please gain your memory faster, the girl is going through a lot because of your amnesia)

– A lot of bad things happen before the good times, also when you think you are happy and everything is going well, something bad is around the corner.

– Gays are good friends to the girls who are born in poor families, also most of the people in LGBTQ+ community work in fashion or are hairstylists.

– True love exists, and it conquers all even social class.

– Your mother in law and the rich girl who loves your man are the people who will make your life miserable. Your father in law is just there, he will do nothing but he won’t be patronizing you. Also your rich boyfriend will be easily accepted and loved in your family and he will adjust pretty well to your poor life however the same won’t be reciprocated to you.

– Your rich man will stand his ground of not loving the rich girl, he won’t fall for all her and his mother’s temptations and traps until the rich girl comes to terms with the fact that she is not loved by him.

– You might have a twin sister without knowing, but don’t worry you will meet somehow, maybe you will fall in love with the same man or not.

– You will find love, you will break up because of some circumstances but at the end you will be together. Most of the time the circumstance is family pressure or class differences.

– Please don’t fall in love with you best friend, especially when he is in love with someone else. But when you do, don’t worry they will break up and you will be together, you were meant to be together.

People take a long, long time to let go of love, it’s understandable. However in Filipino movies it’s only the poor girl who takes longer to let go and she is the one who fights for their love more.

– Friendship is beautiful, your friends stand up for you and fight for you.

– Your parents are doing the best they can.

– Some of your friends have befriended you to spy on you, they will hurt you later on.

Those are things I could quickly think of for this post, what are the things have you learned from Filipino movies?


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