Pata majibu ya maswali yako yote kuhusu maisha ya chuoni na changamoto zake

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Get to know Tunzla, a music streaming platform that centers African artists

Have you ever wanted to hear your local artists but then realized you can’t in other platforms and you just have wait to hear their songs on a radio?

Have you ever wanted to know about musicians in Mali, artists in Benin and hear soothing and upbeat sounds from Africa but one genre is all that is famous in the global stage?

Have you ever wanted to read lyrics of the song when vibing to it?

Maybe watch a video but not be on YouTube since when we get on YouTube to do one thing, you end up doing ten other things that weren’t on your plans?

Have you ever wanted to create a playlist and have others add their favorite songs on your playlist as well like maybe when you are organizing a party and etc

Your needs have been met, introducing Tunzla, a music streaming platform for Africans by Africans. Tunzla is created by an African team that wanted to showcase and bring the local African music closer to the African people, now a person in Uganda and out of the continent can listen to songs from their favorite local artist in Uganda via Tunzla and we can also get to discover the amazing sounds from Zimbabwe, Togo, Ethiopia and every country and corner of Africa.

Tunzla allows you to create your playlist and have others add their music to it if you want to, this platform gives you different options when you are listening to music like you can watch the video, read lyrics or just listen to the audio if that’s all you want. Did I tell you that you can also comment on the song that you are listening, your favorite artist can hear your take and thoughts on their songs now as they can see your comments, and if you don’t like the light theme, be sure to change it to a dark theme, i do change to a dark theme every night.

(For starters, here are two playlists I have created on Tunzla and feel free to add your songs to my playlist as well, this one is full of songs that will comfort you when you are going through a break up, and this playlist is for college students to de-stress with on weekends.)

Tunzla also hosts musicians who want to be featured on the platform, the undiscovered, starting out local artist, Tunzla give them an opportunity to share their music and shine on the platform. So if you are a musician, you can sign up as an artist on Tunzla and share your music with the platform so that people can stream your work.

It is important to say that Tunzla is for everyone, so even though the aim is to showcase and center more African work, they also cater your needs by putting music from everywhere and every genre, so if you also love Western music, Indian music, Salsa and etc, get to listen to those amazing work of art on Tunzla. All of your music needs are met by Tunzla, this music streaming platform is about to be your favorite way of listening to music, like it is mine.

Check out and sign up on this platform right now here :


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Muongozo wa Maisha ya Chuo

Je unaenda chuo? Au upo chuo?

Pata majibu ya maswali yako yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuoni hapa, pata dondoo na ushauri kwenye mahusiano, maswala ya pesa na biashara, afya yako chuoni, mitindo, skendo za chuo, kudili na walimu wasumbufu na ada mbalimbali zinazowahusu wanachuo kwenye kitabu hiki

Bonyeza Hapa Kupata Kitabu Hiki
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