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Go to Sleep! The Internet will be fine without you

Hello, so you were the first to view my status update? You sure did order and pay for your smartphone online.

Utility bills, control numbers, emails, latest news and gossip, trying to catch up with what is up!

It is an undeniable truth that if we lost internet for a day! We would notice!

We live in a developing world, we are not very developed,

But we use latest technologies, we live in the information age,

We enjoy its privileges, perhaps, better than the people who invented them, if they were here to begin with!

It is undeniable that the internet makes us happy by saving us time,

Time to queue up at the bank,

Time to travel to a national park?

Time to go and talk to friends we meet,

Time to look for answers we need,

Time to know ourselves?

Well. It frees time for us to do other things!

Or doesn’t it?

What were you doing when you gained two hours?

The hours you would have spent taking a daladala to buy a t-shirt at Kariakoo,

Now that you have ordered it to be delivered to your door step?

If you cleaned your room while waiting for that food you ordered on social media,

You have just used internet, the original intent of internet actually!

Is your room clean now?

At least you did sleep! For two hours right?

Is your mind clear now?

Well, to be honest, the internet never sleeps

But you should! For several hours actually.

You see machines are better at doing than us,

That’s why we invented them!

So is the internet,

It is made for us to use,

but it seems to be using us!

Because it takes the time we should not be giving it.

And we seem to never notice it!

Because we keep scrolling and liking,

It is never exhausting!

It never stops supplying!

We never stop consuming!

Because we never want to miss out,

You need to know that, if you can’t bargain your time, which is your life, you are a slave.

Wake up! Or for this matter go to sleep, the internet world will be fine without you.

And you should be fine without it! At least the personal you!



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