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The power of your habits

Let me tell you about my cousin, who we currently live with.

He always showers after finishing his house chores in the morning.

He showers twice a day, the second time is around 5pm if he isn’t playing football, 6pm if he plays football. You will see him walking back home exactly at that time just to shower.

And then he goes out again, and he comes back at 21:09. Exactly that. I have proved that, I have been checking the clock everytime I hear him opening the door.



This whole week I’ve been tracking his life.


Amazing what our bodies can do. Our nerves, our minds, they are their own clock. Telling us it is time to do what they are used to doing, exactly at the time they are used to doing those things.


I have started to realize how our days are made of them.

Wake up, Instagram.

Before you sleep, Instagram.

Bored, Instagram.

Standing in queue, Instagram.

Get in the car put on seat belt.

Brushing your teeth in the morning.

It’s these small things that we don’t notice that make up our days, make up our lives.

Things we do without thinking.


Apparently our brains are prone to wanting the reward it felt when you did something or when you sit somewhere your brain remembers the last time you did so and what you did and hence you will do that again.

The power of our habits.

We are made by our habits, and they are the things we do for no reason you know.
Sometimes just because we always do a thing at a certain time, we end up doing it at that time even if it means nothing to us. We don’t think about it.

I’m not a pro in this topic, I’m just a person who really wants to change her habits.

I’ve some that I think I need to change. I just want to live my life more mindful.

My mom always tells me that the way I’m living right now is how I will live forever.

Good thing is you can change your habit.

Those that you don’t like or you see are affecting your life negatively.

But change isn’t easy. We all know that.

On average it takes 66 days to form a habit, not 21. Doing the same thing for 66 days, or I guess not doing the same thing for that long as well.

So I’m inviting you on a journey I’m on, of being mindful and aware of how I live my life. This week just like I was noticing my cousin’s life, I want to notice mine. And you can notice yours.

What are my habits?

Are they healthy?

Do I want to live with them forever?

Do I want to change/break them?

Do I want to make new ones?




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