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Here is Africa’s biggest problem and it’s solution

Many a times, the question ‘what can be done to change Africa’ has been asked. I have taken time to think about it and below are my thoughts.

Africa faces many problems. The list of the problems is long. Very long. They include; civil conflicts, droughts and famines, diseases such as Malaria and AIDS, corruption, poor infrastructure, debt, poverty, etc. Long list. Generally speaking, the persistence of these problems can be blamed on poor leadership. Those masquerading as leaders are actually dealers. Africa is suffering from lack of leadership. We have a leadership problem.

That however does not mean that Africa does not give birth to great sons and daughters. Africa has produced great sons and daughters. Great leaders. But these great men and women have always been eliminated. (Elimination in this context is used broadly to include not only physical elimination, but also other forms of elimination including that of making them politically irrelevant).

Most of Africa’s best sons and daughters don’t die from natural causes. The list of these great sons and daughters that Africa has been snatched is long. When you want to scatter the sheep, you strike the shepherd. Additionally, when you want to scare ten thousand people, you kill ten people. Kill a hundred and scare a million. The elimination of these great sons and daughters not only deprives Africa of leadership, but it also scares others from ever wanting to lead. That leaves a vacuum to be filled. That vacuum has been filled by the worst. Puppets of our enemies. Dealers. These may not have originally been such pathetic, but may have chosen that path after seeing what happened to their counterparts. Survival instincts carry the day, and to preserve themselves, they have to be pathetic.

With such pathetic leadership, the problems we face start / persist. Such a “leadership” can not solve even the simplest of our problems. Actually, they resort to screwing us. Sons of mother Africa raping mother Africa to
entertain her enemies. Had Africa had proper leadership, the situation would be different. But don’t yet conclude that bad leadership is Africa’s biggest problem.


It is not.


In my opinion, I think Africa’s biggest problem is the African of today. This is a bitter reality that we must realize. As bitter as it is, we must swallow it. The African we have in Africa and the diaspora is a defeated African.

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He has been beaten in many battles. He feels inferior to everyone else. He is a demoralized man. He has been brainwashed into seeing his skin as a badge of shame and white as the SI unit of glory. To him, any thing black is shameful and must be avoided like plague while everything white is glorious and should be embraced.

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He is self hating, self doubting and self despising. This African has no sense of direction. He has no path of his own to chat. He only expects to copy others. That is why he will bleach his skin to look like the white man, will avoid marrying within his race because he is so desperate to marry a white, will be very happy to get bleached kids (kids of a lighter skin tone), will desperately try to live like and/ or with the whiteman etc. He is mentally enslaved. He is in dire need of emancipation, but he doesn’t even know that he is enslaved. Like chicken reared in the free range method, he has an illusion of freedom.

Like a caged animal, he moves, but only within the cage. And that illusion of freedom is very dangerous because people who don’t know that they are not free can’t fight for their freedom. The African is deep in slumber, and unfortunately, he doesn’t know it. He is not conscious. Such a tragedy.

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Had the African been awake, he would fight to shape his own destiny. He would be intolerant to bullshit from those lackeys at the top. He would be able to see the lie.

So, having recognized the problem, what is the best solution? How do we get out of this hole?

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Written by Murunga Makau, Law student at Moi University. Contacts : 0707951196,


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