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Here’s the solution to Africa’s biggest problem

This is part two of the series by Murunga Makau, you can read part 1 here to know Africa’s biggest problem.

Now let’s read it’s solution…

Having recognized the problem, what is the best solution?

How do we get out of this hole?

One word: EDUCATION.

The problem we are in is a result of ages of MISEDUCATION. It is miseducation that has led us into the mess that we currently are in. The crap that has been given to us in the name of education is miseducation. It doesn’t teach us our true history, it doesn’t tell us who we actually are, it doesn’t teach us about our heroes. It instead teaches us to be ashamed of who we are and to hate ourselves. It teaches that we are intellectually inferior and must rely on others to think for us.

It teaches us that we are doomed forever. It teaches us that we were meant to be at the bottom, that that is our position and we must be comfortable there. At a very early age, our children are actually taught that a certain white God cursed the black race (you know that Noah, Ham story). Imagine such bullshit being dumped into the virgin brains of our children. After a wasted childhood (a childhood of inflicting such damage on an individual is nothing but a wasted childhood), the factory produces a finished product that is the African we have today.

Therefore, to get ourselves out, we must educate ourselves. We must discard miseducation and embrace education.

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What kind of education do we need?

The education we need is that which will emancipate us from our mental slavery. The greatman Marcus Garvey taught us that when you free the minds of men, then they can free their bodies from slavery. Therefore, what we need is an education that frees the mind of the African. One that opens his mind. We need an education that instills confidence and selflove into the African. We need an education that makes Africans think positively about themselves. We need an education that teaches the African about the beauty that he is.

cotton sack with apricots near books on table

An education that teaches us about our true history. What I mean by true history is our story told from our point of view. Like the Congolese legend Patrice Lumumba opined, history written by us. The story of the hunt as told by the lions. We need an education that not only teaches us how to read but to also question what we read. And not only question what we read, but to question everything. We need an education that makes us think and not just believe.

A proper education will produce a brave population. A proper education will produce people that are confident, conscious of both themselves and their environment. A proper education will produce a population that can unify for a common cause. An African that has gone through a proper education can be organized for a course. Otherwise, Malcolm X taught us that you can’t organize a sleeping people, you must awaken them first. It is therefore a proper education system that Africa greatly needs.

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But we must realize that nobody is going to do this for us. Bob Marley told us that none can free us but ourselves. Others are not going to do it for us. It is not in their interest to do it. We can’t expect our enemies to educate us when they are responsible for our miseducation. Nobody is going to give you the education that would make you overthrow them. We have to dirty our hands. We have to do that hard work of educating ourselves. We have to immerse ourselves into the work of educating ourselves.

We have to be deliberate about it. We have to invest in a good education. Malcolm X taught us that education is the passport to the future. Madiba taught us that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. To change our world therefore, we must commit ourselves to getting a right education for ourselves. We must fight all the resistance that will come from our oppressors – both white oppressors and their black agents.

You see, the oppressor will definitely fight any attempt to emancipate the people he is oppressing. An emancipated people are difficult to oppress. A conscious people are intolerant to bullshit. A people that know what is best for them will go for exactly that which is good for them. Such a people will solve their problems.

It is Malcolm X who taught us that to change the black man’s situation, change his mindset and he will be able to solve his problems. If the African is able to solve his own problems, then those white men who see Africa as their burden will get a reprieve and get a chance to focus their energies elsewhere. But having the African solve his own problems is not in their best interest. Therefore, they will fight efforts to emancipate the African. And we must be ready to fight their resistance.

Having identified our problem and the solution, we must now grapple with how to implement the solution, for this wait for part 3.

Written by Murunga Makau, Law student at Moi University. Contacts : 0707951196,

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