Hey, congrats..

I am so happy for you, and i am so excited for you.

I know that you are so focused in your next step, that you don’t take time to appreciate this step.. The fact that you made it to high school.. That’s a big deal right there, don’t ever forget that.

Let’s celebrate that first.

Now, I know you are worried about the results.. Why shouldn’t you?? Its like a matter of death and life right?? Oh man! I feel for you dear. I understand you dear.

But here is a thing that I have learnt in life, worrying doesn’t change anything from your results.

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Whatever your results will turn out be, worrying won’t alter that.

I don’t know how your results will be, but I just want to tell you that you will be alright. I am a girl who failed couple times in life and I thought that was the end of my life, but guess what? It wasn’t.

I am a girl who was on top of the world some days, and I thought I will stay there forever, but guess, nothing last forever.

And this is why dear high school graduate, I don’t want you to worry..

You are young, you have all of your life ahead of you to discover, to learn, to see, to figure things out and to grow.

We usually waste our lives worrying for what is to come, and we forget to enjoy what is now.

Dear high school graduate, let’s enjoy life now, all that is to come we will figure it out when it comes.


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5 thoughts on “Dear high school graduate

  1. John Seth

    Thanks dr…..
    Today’s society needs ppo like u …. Ppo who r willing to go tbe extra mile regardless of the worn out shoes…. Ppo who would keep fighting for their goals even if it means a heart break for it…. Ppo who would sacrifice themselves n their time just to help other ppo suceed in life… Let me tell u thats Altruism n dats leadership keep it up keep it glowing n most importantly keep t high n ever shining…. I appreciate ppo like u…..Ciao.

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Oh John!! Thank you so much.. You don’t know how much these words of encouragement actually mean to me.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Thank you again!!

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