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5 Books to read while you are stuck at home

Here are five books that i think will be good reads for you, will tell you why i think so as well.

1. Not that Bad : Dispatches from Rape Culture by Roxane Gay

This year I want to read books from African writers and also books that talk about sexual abuse. I am on a healing journey from sexual abuse that I experienced when i was 13, and this book validated my experience because i read stories of men and women who have been through a similar experience.

If you are a sexual abuse survivor or you would want to understand us, this is a good read.

Along with it, Gabrielle Union’s We are going to need more wine and The way I used to be by Amber Smith

2. Letters to the Church by Francis Chan

I looooooove Francis Chan, his passion, his love for God and the way he preaches, this guy makes me believe that God is close to us everytime i watch him preach.

So Letters to the church is kinda like the book of revelation where there are different letters to different church, except this one talks more about home church.

Last year I felt compelled to consider this after being hurt in the hands of church people, and so learning that home church is an option as well was good, but again he also talked about ‘us’ who think church people are always wrong and need to be corrected and how that is wrong as well.

This book comforted me and convicted me at the same time and i loved that.

3. Black Skin, White Masks – Frantz Fannon

The reason why I wanted to read books by African writers is that I wanted to understand myself as an African better.

I wanted to read books that were relatable to me as an African child. This one made me question a lot of what I am as an African, the way I think in relation to the effect of colonization and all that.

This is a must read for all ‘woke’ Africans.

4. Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig

In this book Matt shares his story of how he suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and some of the reasons he thinks are worth for you to fight for your life.

After reading this book, I think the reason are valid, there is a lot that you haven’t seen yet, please stay. Don’t kill yourself.

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5. Will I ever be good enough – Karly McBride

This one right here is like a therapy session, we all know that our parents are trying the best they can to raise us, but still they are human and capable of hurting us in the process. It’s not a blame game, it’s just that we all need healing.

So here comes this book, for people who were raised to feel like nothing they do is ever good enough for their mothers..

It’s a good read because she shares ways that you can identify if you are that child and steps to healing.

Enjoy your time at home with these books.



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