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Maisha ya kila siku

How to find your calling

Well, where do i begin??

°I was a loyal blog reader to many blogs before I started my own blog. But that’s not why I started blogging.

°I won a fiction writing competition in high school that made me believe I can write. But that’s not why I started blogging.

°I did compete in a Bible reading competition when I was in university, and won the 6th or 7th place, I really don’t remember, what I remember is, I was the only girl in the top ten. And they gave us who are not in top three, Bibles. Yes, that’s where I got the name a Bible girl.

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-I started blogging because I used to read blogs and I thought that I could do it too.

-I started blogging because I am so good with words (I journal a lot and I am an encourager)

– I started blogging because I wanted to talk about the stuffs that are happening in our lives, that we act as if they are not happening. Like we all need emotional healing, like sexual abuse and etc

-I started blogging because I wanted to encourage more people, I wanted to tell them that it is okay to be different, that you can do it, and that your uniqueness is what makes the world beautiful.

-I started blogging because I thought I could share what I have learnt over the years in university, because I remember waking up every Saturday morning in university and feeling lost until I visited couple blogs for encouragement, and so I desired to do the same thing, encourage others.

And so on one boring Saturday evening in January 2018 (the year that I lived without social media), I opened by laptop and opened And started my online journal,

In April 2019, I bought my domain name, And here we are, one year and five month old.

Thank you for being with me, am thankful to the 76 people who have subscribed and let me pop in their emails from time to time, I don’t take that for granted. For encouraging me, cheering me on, and reading this blog, it means a world to me. And hey, if your new here, feel at home.. I have always dreamt of this being a community, and not me being a ‘ know it all’.


How did I find my calling, And how did I know this is it?

Good question..

I remember being a girl who was so worried that I will never find my calling/life’s purpose, or maybe I will do a wrong calling or maybe waste my life altogether, or maybe where I am is not where God wants me to be, maybe I am missing out, or maybe I will discover my calling In years to come and start doing it.

And so I was waiting for the day, I will discover my calling.

I remember praying and fasting, waiting for that loud voice that clearly stated what I was born to do. And it never happened to me, am just gonna say this, the only clear direction that I had when starting this blog, was about the name. After fasting and praying, I felt led to use this name, and I heard the reason why I had to use this name, otherwise I started the blog when I was just bored.

Our callings, I believe are the things God puts in our way to do… For example, I was sexually abused, one day I saw on the blog about an organization in Malawi, that has a safe home for girls who have been sexually abused. I went to Malawi because I was in Mbeya and it is where the border to Malawi is, and so I felt led to go there because I was also sexually abused. Was that in my life purpose?? I don’t know, but I saw God miraculously and grew tremendously when I was there. Its the same with the Bible exam, I did it because I heard the announcement, and I was reading the book of Acts in that time, and the exam was about Acts and Proverbs.. So I decided to go for it.

I believe where we are, is exactly where God wants us to be. He is powerful, if that wasn’t His purpose, He would move us.

Sometimes we use ‘this is not my purpose’ to not serve in places, where God placed us. If your in church and its dirty, it doesn’t have to be your calling to clean it.

Our callings can be what we are good at, I love writing, it is therapeutic.. I used to write valentines day text message for my friend’s boyfriends, cause my friends didn’t know what to say. And so that is what comes easily to me. Am good at encouraging people, I am good at listening, and some other things. And so if God has given you the ability to do it, do it. You don’t need to hear a loud voice to instruct you in that path. I know that God calls others like that (as in He speaks to them directly, but He also calls people like the way He called Esther, by using her uncle to tell her, “maybe you were born for such a time as this”.)

Our callings can be what gives us peace when we do it. There is a verse that says, “ And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:7. And I believe that’s another way God leads us into what He has called us to do. Just like when I hit that publish button everyday, I peace, alive and excited for you to read what I wrote.

I know He leads me in this blog as well, because I get topic ideas, words and what to say from Him as well. It is not only my creativity (which is from Him as well), He uses all of it for His people. I am not capable of touching people’s lives.

And if you believe He calls you to something, and you don’t have the peace for it now, maybe the time to do it isn’t right. In due time. For now, wait. His will, will always be done.

I have stopped wondering what my purpose is, I know I was created to worship Him, I know He cares about the needs of the people and I ought to care too, I know His law, to love Him and my neighbours. And that is enough for me to live a life pleasing to Him, I was born to bring Him glory, and that’s my purpose. Everything and anything I do, ought to bring Him glory.

I think there is freedom in that, since discovering that I stopped fearing that maybe I am not enough, maybe I am on a wrong path or maybe I might live my life and never discover my calling. And instead I have put my energy into serving Him where He places me. For now, using this blog.

I hope we find freedom in Christ and learn to live an abundant life in Him, together! On this online journal. Let’s go on a journey, ayee?!



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