As we have all figured out, it is okay to not be excited about New Year, 2020 was a helluva year, personally I don’t have the energy or the motivation to be excited with the New Year like I used to be in the past years.

I used to feel bad for not being up at night to watch the arrival of the New Year. And I used to believe that how you start your year is how you end it, so I carried the guilty of being asleep on New Year’s eve to December.

I used to feel the need to be ready for the arrival of the New Year, so I would clean my room, wash my clothes, write my New Year goals (which I stopped to do last year and here’s why), I would be excited and everything because New Year meant new beginnings, it meant a new chance to do better and it meant what the motivational speakers say it meant, cause they say a lot on a day like this.

But 2020 has been strangely awesome, and it is okay, if you, like me are just worried about how 2021 will be like, are just looking forward to what is in store for you in this year, are just taking it slow and not motivated to go all out to celebrate 2021’s arrival.

It is okay to not be okay on January 1st, It is so okay to just take this day as any other day because it is, it is okay to work on your last year’s plans and not have new ones, it is okay to celebrate it the way you want to and not what you are supposed to or expected to, it is okay to be you today, you everyday.

Welcoming the New Year can look different in different years, however I think gratitude is important. There are a lot of things to be grateful for that when we write them down or speak them loud can help us see that there is a lot of beauty in the world and in our lives to look forward to or be grateful for.

Choose to focus on just one thing today that was amazing last year and be grateful for that, while looking at this new year knowing and hoping that it will also give you one thing to be grateful for as well, which I strongly believe it will.

Focus on you, your joy and peace matters, let go of how you are expected to be or to celebrate the arrival of a new year.


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8 thoughts on “How to welcome the New Year with gratitude even when you are not excited about it

  1. kinge

    Very true. Gratitude is important. Living a life of gratitude helps magnify the many Blessings around us that we’d normally miss. Have a Blessed new year filled with gratitude

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Exactly! thank you my friend, wishing the same to you

  2. Peshy Jumwa

    Gratitude is a must
    I sleep without shame, I don’t do crossovers but I still clean my room and do last min things like not wanting to start the year with dirty laundry

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Totally agree.

      I love that, I do clean too as a tradition but this year I’m just tired. Happy new year my dear, may this year be awesome to you

      1. Peshy Jumwa

        Sending blessings your way Eunice, Happy New Year

        1. Eunice Tossy

          thank you love, same same!

  3. Esther Aruka

    Thank you for this. Thought I was the only one not excited about 2021

    1. Eunice Tossy

      glad you found comfort in the post my dear. let’s see what’s in store this year!

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