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I went on a virtual speed dating event, and here’s what I’ve learned about finding a partner

First of all I thank the heavens for bringing Kudzanai into my life, she is the friend that carries my love life on her shoulders. She also brings so much joy in my life and plugs me to cool events happening in Zimbabwe so now you know it was a virtual speed dating event organized in Zimbabwe but love knows no borders so my girl hooked me up.

It was for a good cause they were raising money for girls’ pads, i think the organizers are really smart honestly killing two birds with one stone, matching single people and meeting a need, i honestly felt good being a part of something amazing as that even though Kudzie paid lol.

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So we started at 7:30 pm Zimbabwe time, which is like 8:30pm my time, we mentioned our names in the groups having sent our pictures, age, what we prefer in a partner and words that describes us to Sandra, who was the organizer and a matchmaker. 

She sent a list of names that are matched and we had like five minutes to chat with each other via WhatsApp, oh, this was happening on WhatsApp by the way and I don’t know about others but she kind of matched me with amazing people, she should do this match making thing full time.

I had a chat with several guys, with one guy for example we even danced, virtually of course, laughed until my cheeks hurt. I had a generally good and an easy conversation with him and several others of course.

To be honest it was a good experience and I met generally amazing people who could be good partners to people and good friends to me lol.

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Here’s what i learned about finding a partner through that experience…

– When it comes to putting yourself out there don’t just expect to be entertained, you also have to be entertaining. You have to be interested in the other person as they are of you. Be interesting, be interested.

cheerful surprised woman sitting with laptop

– Good guys still exist in the world. I always thought I was the nerd one and loved weird things until I met a guy through that event who shared similar interests, that showed me that people are diverse and my match does exist. Though there’s nothing between me and that guy in particular but this experience opened my eyes and raised my hopes up.

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– Put yourself out there, if you won’t get a person then at least you will get friends or have a good time. I hope to hear more stories of couples that met through that event, I on the other hand have the story of how I danced while a stranger sang. And that’s fun to me.

– Have energy and a positive attitude. First impression matters and in this case, have energy when you are chatting, doing a call and etc. I don’t know, after several guys you can’t keep up anyway but still it’s worth it to know this tip.

– Don’t rush. If you don’t match with someone don’t lose hope. If you get rejected, don’t take it personal, people have different interests and what they are looking for in a partner and it’s okay if you are not that, remember point number two, you will meet your exact match, someone who loves you for you. Someone who you fit their description and they fit yours.

– This last point take it with a grain of salt but don’t make a haste decision, I could have settled for the first conversation I had but exploring more introduced me to more interesting people. But I also think the downside of this is that it’s easy to be confused and you fail to choose and decide who you want but also I think this is why I was skeptical about online dating because it is easy to treat people like you are picking tomatoes. But also some people know that they have met their match after the first conversation, so again take this point with a grain of salt.

I used to not believe in meeting people online, but that event changed my mind, and made me a believer of different ways people meet their significant others but also have fun. Shoutout to my girl Kudzanai, Sandra and all the guys I virtually met, since I’m still single, feel free to invite me to other events and hook me up with some amazing, adventurous and nerdy people you know😉



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