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10 Things other than scrolling through social media to do when stuck in traffic jam

We know the Dar traffic jam right?

Oh wait, I once read a tweet by a Nigerian who was explaining how hectic the jam is in Lagos.

So maybe i can generalize this as an African problem, or even a world problem.

Think of India and LA…

Big cities have traffic, and a lot of us have been stuck in traffic jams before.

If you are stuck right now, or you will be stuck in few hours because trust me you will be, here is the list of productive things you can do apart from just scrolling through Instagram:

1. Read a book

2. Listen to a podcast

3. Talk to the person sitting next to you, he/she might be your new friend

4. Listen to music (music therapy)

5. Call family and friends (catch up with a friend that you miss)

6. Write if you are a blogger (have done this so many times in traffic)

7. Observe people in the bus and outside (this helps you to see others who occupy the space as well and also to slow down)

8. Finish that job application you have been lazy to or have been procrastinating to

9. Download songs and books to listen to when you get home

10. Read on all the websites tabs that you have opened on your phone.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, try these instead of scrolling


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