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Things I’ve learned about God by hanging out with Children (Part 1)

I am an aunt. Most days I love it (just being honest). It is hard and beautiful at the same time.

I was a kids Sunday school teacher when I was in university (just trying to give you a little bit of a background so that you know I hang around kids).

My niece has a lot of friends who she brings at home (those days are hectic), kids are a blessing, but just like how we grown ups are, they are somehow complicated.

I have always been fascinated by the verse in Matthew 18:3 that says, ‘and He said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I love that verse, it fascinates me (for a lack of a better word), and makes me ask questions. Questions like, how do I become like a little child?? What do they do, that I don’t? Or that is so influential to get you to heaven?

But I still don’t know the answers.

However I have been observing kids, its like ever since that verse started to fascinate me, everything’s kids to started to feel like a revelation???.

So here are things about God (or our relationship with God) that I have learned from kids.

+++ Dependence
As I am typing this, my niece is asking us what cloth she should wear to school. All of her clothes are clean, she has a lot of options but she asks us what she should wear. How dependent is that?

Maybe we were meant to be so dependent on God like that, like let our lives and days be planned and directed by Him. Instead of planning on our own and asking Him to lead, just like the way my niece doesn’t choose a cloth and wonder if I will allow her to put it on, she waits for me to choose it for her.

+++Trusting in the Lord

There was this day when I was visiting my grandma in the village, and hang out with a neighbour’s kid. We were running errands together, holding hands and talking (more like me trying to make her feel comfortable, cause we didn’t know each other that well). So I remember us passing through a bush, and because we held hands, she didn’t fear the bush. She was just comfortable walking through it, even picking stuffs from the ground, just because she knew I got her. The way she trusted me amazed me, and got me asking myself that maybe this is the way I ought to trust in the Lord, not leaning on my own understand but fully knowing that He holds me, and so all is well.

He who holds the stars, the sky and the world, holds you too. How amazing is that, we are safe, we are fine.

+++ Holding back good things from them

I bought my niece a doll, I don’t know where it is now. The last time I checked it mom was telling her to throw it away, it stunk, looked ugly though she still loved it. She has the habit of losing things, money, pencils or books, and so we have decided not to give her stuffs that we know are valuable, because she can’t keep them well, we keep them for her. If someone gives her money, we keep it for her, and she recently asked me for something and I said no, because I know it will be a mess. Maybe God does the same with us?? Holds back good things knowing that this is not yet the time, we are not fully grown to handle them well, that we will destroy something valuable, we will destroy the gift. And so He says No now, knowing that a Yes would have messed us up, or even destroy our relationship with Him. Maybe!

I have learned a lot, let me tell in parts, or this post would be 1 hour long..



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