I read Eunice’ post (here), I was really interested in reading the books she recommended on understanding racism better.

I had learnt back in uni about Crystal Fleming and her works in advocating for the people of color in America.

Had I read her books? No.

I recently did in the month of June 2020 and boy was I mind blown. Not because of what I read but how the system of racial discrimination, gender based violence, segregation based on class or religion is the same world wide.

We can never run away from these dehumanizing actions from fellow humans. Yes its human against human. The species that rules all the lands and its creatures. Anywho I’m reviewing the book and my likes about it.

“How to be less stupid about race”. I chuckled as I saw the title, like what?! When we’re taught that the white man documents everything and has knowledge about everything. Basically the book unpacks the black culture, what it is really. How misconceptions have us people of color being treated with cruelty each and every day.

She also talks about how certain practices are done all in the name of ending racism. Now take note in the book it says,”if heterosexual relationships can’t end patriachy then interracial relationships will end racim?”. For me this meant if we can freely express ourselves in intimate relationships then has oppression ended? Hold up! Its okay to date to have such relations but have they really solved the problem? If not were they meant to solve or perpetuate the problem?

Now a black president served for 2 terms in America and racism didn’t end.

My own liberated, “democratic” and independent state has been free from colonial rule for 40 years now racism is an issue to deal with. Its crazy right, yeah, I know. Makes me wonder will it ever end when I’m not free in my motherland.

To understand race is to end racism, seeing people of color as equals and not animals. To understand race closes the gap of misconceptions and myths. People of color matter, People of color are people. If we were all the same wouldn’t that be dull? Differences is what makes people explore more and learn to adapt, accept the various cultures.

PS: If you haven’t read the book please it helps you understand the situation better and we need solutions

Written by Kudzanai Matilda Kurotwi. Check out Her Blogblackmwanadiary.wordpress.com/

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3 thoughts on “How to be less stupid about race | Book Review

  1. Khanani Daniella

    Nice I’ll look for it first thing in the morning. Kudzanai did the review? Amazing amazing..

    1. Eunice Tossy

      It’s a good read..

      Yeeeeeeeees, she’s phenomenal

      1. Khanani Daniella

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